10 Cheapest European Cities To Fly To From The U.S.

10 Cheapest European Cities To Fly To From The U.S.

Have you been wanting to visit Paris? According to a new report from the travel site Going.com, Paris is currently the European nation with the cheapest airfare.

The report looked not only at one-time deals but at the overall volume of low airfares available for a given city. The full list of cheapest European cities to fly to from the U.S.:

  1. Paris (average $552 round trip)
  2. Dublin (average $554 round trip)
  3. Barcelona (average $525 round trip)
  4. Milan (average $532 round trip)
  5. Rome (average $551 round trip)
  6. Madrid (average $518 round trip)
  7. Copenhagen (average $555 round trip)
  8. Amsterdam (average $553 round trip)
  9. Zurich (average $553 round trip)
  10. Stockholm (average $556 round trip)

“We chose to rank based on the volume of economy deals and average price because — while the price of the single best deal we found to one city might be lower than the price of the single best deal we found to another — volume is the better indicator of a traveler’s likelihood of snagging a great price,” the report noted.

However, the report also showed that the absolute lowest price available for a ticket to Paris came in at $248 round trip, so savvy travelers can snag even lower deals. (Normal economy tickets run about $850 between major U.S. cities and the City of Lights.) Paris is an especially low-priced European destination because 19 routes serve the city from the U.S.

A notable city missing from the list: London. The main airport serving the U.K.’s largest metropolis, Heathrow, has some of the highest taxes and departure fees on the continent. That reduces opportunities for travelers to snag a low-cost ticket to Great Britain.

But even if your preferred destination city is not on the list, it’s possible to fly to the nearest “cheap city” and then take a less expensive regional flight to get you where you want to go. For example, you might get a ticket to Dublin and a regional flight to a smaller airport near London rather than fly directly there.

The Going.com report examines economy-class airfare prices from the U.S. to European cities with more than 700,000 residents. It found that factors influencing flight costs include:

  • the number of airports in a city
  • the number of airlines that serve those airports
  • the amount of competition on routes to and from the city

The report analyzed deals available from June 30, 2022 to July 2, 2023.