4 Best Islands In The Caribbean To Visit In May 2024

4 Best Islands In The Caribbean To Visit In May 2024

Are you planning on visiting the Caribbean this year? May is the ideal month to do so. It marks the beginning of the shoulder season, which means lower prices for flights and accommodation and fewer crowds. 

The weather is also great in May in the Caribbean, even though it differs slightly from island to island. The temperatures start to pick up, but you won’t have to face the grueling heat. For that reason, the Caribbean is perfect for enjoying relaxed summer vibes in spring.

Now, you’re probably thinking which islands would make for the ultimate getaway. And we’re here to help. On the following list, you will find the 4 best Caribbean islands to visit in May 2024.

Turks and Caicos

With pristine beaches, azure water, delightful cuisine, and top-star accommodation options, Turks and Caicos is a popular choice for a luxury escape. And in May, you can scout the best deals and enjoy the vacation of your dreams at a fraction of the cost.

The weather is usually warm but still, calm with basically no rain – fantastic for a day at the beach and exploring the underwater world. You can also embark on an eco-tour to nature or visit local museums, historic landmarks, and other tourist sites. They will be less busy and therefore offer a better overall experience.


Can’t wait for the uplifting summer events and festivals? At Aruba, you can get your groove on already in May. For watersports lovers, there is the Hi-Winds international windsurfing competition, where you can watch the spectacle while having a drink and even meet the athletes. On the other hand, music lovers will appreciate the Soul Beach Music Festival which brings many known performers and celebrities to this beautiful island every year.

Apart from that, you can engage in classical Arubian vacation activities, such as chilling at the beach, snorkeling, diving, boat trips, or ATV excursions.

St. Croix (U.S. Virgin Islands)

Even though St. Croix is never crowded, in May, it makes it exceptionally serene and laid back. On a weekday, you can even have some of the less-known beaches completely to yourself. Thanks to that, this island is an unparalleled choice for those who want to properly unwind and disconnect.

Less tourism is also a unique opportunity to get to know locals, as they are more likely to be enjoying the islands’ treasures themselves. Don’t hesitate to ask for tips on where to eat authentic Crucian dishes or what to see next. They’re renowned for being friendly and always happy to help.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are on the travel bucket lists of many. No wonder. This premium Caribbean destination has plenty to offer and is perfect for island hopping. Indulge in top-tier resorts and restaurants at ​​Grand Cayman, enjoy scenic views from the cliffs at Cayman Brac, or dive with eels, rays, and green sea turtles just off the shore of Little Cayman. There is simply something for everybody.

Still haven’t got enough? The best attractions for the Cayman Islands tend to get less busy than usual in May. Take in the opportunity and visit the iconic Seven Mile Beach, Rum Point, and Stingray City. We promise you won’t regret it.