6 TOP Travel Destinations To Hide From The Heat Waves In Europe

6 TOP Travel Destinations To Hide From The Heat Waves In Europe

After a calm and pleasant start to the summer, the so-called “Cerbeus” heat wave has swept across the continent. In parts of Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Turkey and many other places, temperatures have reached triple digits.

How hot is it right now? Visitors were not allowed to enter the Acropolis, since there were stories of tourists passing out in front of the Colosseum. Heat warnings have been posted everywhere.

According to some reports, temperatures in some areas of Italy could reach as high as 118 degrees, which if they did, might be the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe.

Fortunately, there are many places in Europe where summer temperatures are rarely high.

You should focus on the places listed below if you want to improve your chances of enjoying the weather this summer.


While England and Wales sometimes experience heat waves, Scotland usually has a cool, pleasant temperature. Daytime highs in Edinburgh in July and August are a cool 65°. Explore the Scottish capital before traveling to the Highlands and some of the country’s many pristine beaches on the mainland and Hebridean Islands.



While peak temperatures in July and August are often in the mid-70s, nighttime lows usually reach the lower 50s, so you’ll want to pack an extra layer for those romantic evening strolls through Tallinn’s cobbled streets. You should also take plenty of walks, as there seems to be something attractive around every corner. If the weather is unusually warm, head to Estonia’s many forests or to the coast, where there are several beautiful beaches.


The Emerald Isle would not be as lush as it is without plenty of sunshine, but even in summer temperatures remain moderate. Daytime highs in Cork and Dublin are in the high 60s in July and August, and even when it gets warm outside, the bars offer pleasant cooling.

The Netherlands

This small country is a wonderful choice for escaping the worst of the southern heat, as cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague have average highs in the mid-70s during midsummer. If temperatures rise while you are there, you can simply take a canal cruise or enjoy the cool North Sea breezes at one of the lesser-known beaches along the Dutch coast.


In the capital, Stockholm, and in cities such as Gothenburg and Malmoe, average daily high temperatures in July and August are in the low 70s. However, the farther north you go, the cooler it gets. Take some time to enjoy Sweden’s vibrant city life and take a refreshing dip in a nearby cool body of water before continuing your journey to Lapland. In the stunning Åy region of Lapland, temperatures are in the high 60s in July and August. Even if you do experience a warm spell, the local pubs provide a welcome escape from the heat.