Americans Will Soon Be Required To Obtain European Travel Visa

Americans Will Soon Be Required To Obtain European Travel Visa - All You Need To Know

Americans have always traveled to Europe without the need for a visa. As long as travelers had their passports, there was no need for a visa unless they planned on working or attending school in Europe. 

This is soon going to change, as starting in 2024, Americans will be required to obtain a visa to visit anywhere in Europe. This visa, which isn’t an official visa, must be applied for online. There is a small fee of just under $8 that must be paid for by all travelers to Europe, regardless of age. 

The application will consist of various security questions pertaining to travel history, travel plans, biographical data, and more.  Applications are expected to be quick and easy, and travelers can receive almost immediate approval via email. 

In some cases, additional background information will need to be verified, which could take as long as 96 hours, if not longer. However, most applicants will receive approval within an hour. 

Approved visa applications will be valid for three years, allowing travelers to visit Europe without the need to complete a new application during that period. 

This new unofficial visa requirement is called the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) and will begin in early 2024. The ETIAS isn’t going to be required just for Americans, as citizens from other countries will be required to obtain the visa as well. 

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Travelers who heard about the new ETIAS voiced initial apprehension, believing that the new system would be complicated and stressful. As these apprehensive travelers learned more about the process, many felt great relief at the expected simplicity of the process. 

What initiated the creation of ETIAS was the need for European officials to have the ability to enhance border security and more easily screen and track visitors. ETIAS is expected to work very similarly to the ESTA system that the United States currently has in place. The ESTA system is an application process that enables foreign visitors to travel to the United States via a special visa. 

The exact date on which ETIAS is set to launch has not yet been announced. However, as soon as an exact date is decided upon, it will be announced to the public.