Bali Launches Rabies Alert Teams To Combat Transmission And Ensure Tourist Safety

Bali Launches Rabies Alert Teams To Combat Transmission And Ensure Tourist Safety

In a proactive move to curb rabies transmission in Bali’s capital, the Denpasar City Agriculture Service has called for the formation of Rabies Alert Teams (Tisira) in all villages/sub-districts across the province.

AA Bayu Brahmasta, Head of the Denpasar City Agriculture Service, emphasized the importance of these teams in a meeting held in Denpasar on Tuesday. The teams will focus on educating and informing the community about preventative measures against rabies.

Gung Bayu, as he is commonly known, outlined the team’s responsibilities during the Coordination Meeting for the Expansion Program for the Establishment of the Rabies Alert Team. The meeting also saw participation from the Denpasar City Health Service, Culture Service, Village Community Empowerment Service, the Australia Indonesia Health Security Partnership (AIHSP), and representatives from 43 villages/sub-districts in Denpasar City.

The primary focus of the Rabies Alert Team will be on public education, covering essential prevention strategies like vaccinations, neutering, and regular health checks for animals by their owners.

“Our aim is to maximize the impact of the Rabies Alert Team in educating the public to reduce the spread of rabies and minimize incidents of animal bites,” said Gung Bayu.

He urged all villages and sub-districts in Denpasar City to actively establish and support these teams, considering their crucial role in surveillance, outreach, and education at the grassroots level.

As of September 2023, animals capable of transmitting rabies in Denpasar City are estimated at 82,195, with rabies vaccination coverage surpassing 70 percent. This initiative marks a significant step in Denpasar City’s ongoing efforts to combat the spread of rabies and ensure public health safety.