7 Best Beaches in Antigua and Barbuda to Visit in 2023

best beaches to explore in antigua and barbuda

People always want to take a break from their busy daily schedules to relax and unwind. The breaks help them to reenergize for work, consequently improving performance.

The options are endless. The following are fantastic shores for visitors who want to tour Antigua and Barbuda.

Keep reading to find out more about the beaches, how to access them, their distinctive features, the engaging activities, and the amenities present.

1. Long Bay

Long Bay is a family beach occupying the eastern side of the island. It’s near Devil’s Bridge on the Atlantic side outside Willikies town.

This shoreline is famous for its distinctive flora and fauna. It has enormous turtles and underwater dwellers like dolphins and parrotfish. Moreover, visitors like to watch harmless sharks and frigate birds on the shore.

Travelers can choose whether they like to stay active or relax in the sun and sand. Long Bay is also perfect for swimming. It’s surrounded by reefs that don’t allow coastal waves into the beach. Thus, it’s a safe swimming spot for families with kids.

No visitor leaves the place disappointed, though. Couples can enjoy romantic sunsets as they stroll along the sandy beach. They can also take bicycle mini tours on the coastline as they evaluate their love life and progress.

Additionally, travelers can enjoy boat fishing excursions. Most boats have a glass bottom allowing them to enjoy incredible marine life. They can also make their meals exciting by catching and cooking seafood.

The beach has impressive facilities that make the travelers’ stay enjoyable and comfortable. It has the Pineapple Beach Resort for delicious Italian and Caribbean cuisines.

Visitors shouldn’t worry about accommodation either. There are villas and guesthouses to ensure restful nights.

2. Ffryes Beach

The beach is situated at Ffryes Point on the west coast. It’s divided into two by a small rock face occupied by a restaurant. One side is called the Big Ffryes, and it’s more crowded, while the other is known as Little Ffryes, and is more calm and quiet.

Visitors get to the coastline using public transport. They can board a bus that has stops nearby to reach the shore. They can also walk from Cocobay, Jolly Harbour area.

The incredible destination is famously distinguished by its picture-perfect background. It’s adjacent to lush green hills which give a fantastic view. It makes a beautiful background for travelers who love photos since it contrasts with the clear beach waters.

Travelers can visit the coastline any time of the year, thanks to its crystalline waters. They can enjoy snorkeling. Also, the shore has a gentle slope and shallow waters and is thus suitable for beginner swimmers and children.

Guests who desire more adventurous activities can hire jet skis. Typically, the shore offers tremendous fun enough to satisfy most visitors.

What’s more, Ffryes Beach is endowed with outstanding facilities for relaxing and unwinding. There is natural shade where travelers can sit on sunny afternoons as they sip wine from local sellers. They can also appreciate colorful surroundings from the shade.

Don’t forget to stop by the Dennis Beach Bar and Restaurant. It offers a variety of indigenous foods and international delicacies.

There’s no shortage of accommodation on this coastline. Guests have plenty to choose from, depending on their budget.

3. Rendezvous Bay Beach

Source: www.rendezvousbay.com

If secluded beaches are what you’re looking for in Antigua and Barbuda, make sure to visit Rendezvous Bay Beach. It’s set on the southern coast of Antigua, which is known for its unspoiled nature and isolated beaches.

The easiest way to get there is from the Spring Hill Riding Club. Leave your car there, follow the 1.5-mile track, and you will reach the beach in about 45 minutes. There is also a longer, but more exciting rainforest trail from the Wallings Nature Preserve. If you have an off-road 4×4 vehicle, you can drive there.

The beach itself offers a wide, cashmere-soft stretch of sand and turquoise waters, which are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Rendezvous Bay is also popular for turtle nesting and hatching. For that reason, watch out for nests under your feet, and don’t allow your dog to dig in the sand.

Amenities include just two picnic tables, so bring your own water, snacks, a hat, and sunscreen. As there are no bins, take your trash with you when leaving the beach.

4. Fort James Beach

Fort James is situated in Fort Bay northwest, just a few minutes drive from the cruise port. This astonishing destination is near the city, allowing residents to escape the town’s hassle, unwind quickly, and then return to their activities.

Guests can get there using cabs or hire chauffeur services. They are then picked up from the cruise port and dropped at the spectacular coastline.

The beach is distinctive for its attractiveness to cruise tourists — the reason is its closeness to the cruise liner dock in St Johns.

The coastline offers fun activities to its visitors. They will find volleyball games and beach cricket to participate in. In addition, it is suitable for different watersports, such as kayaking and snorkeling.

Another activity to consider is horseback riding. Tourists can rent horses from merchants and use them to explore the coastline. They can easily access the neighboring Fort James ruins, which are eccentric during sunset.

Fort James offers all that visitors desire in terms of beach comfort. It has incredible beach umbrellas where they can relax and freshwater showers where they can refresh after a long day in the sun.

In addition, it’s home to recognizable resorts where guests can have refreshments at pocket-friendly prices. They serve local foods and cocktails. They also offer seafood, such as fresh lobsters, and kid-friendly meals, including French fries, hamburgers, and amazing desserts like ice creams and cakes.

The amazing restaurants can host private events, such as beach weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, and birthday parties.

The coastline offers ample parking grounds. Here, travelers don’t have to be worried about parking spaces even when the seashore is busy.

5. Pink Sand Beach

Pink Sand Beach is one of the visually stunning shores between Spanish Point and Palmetto Point, on Barbuda’s southern shore.

The shore is distinctive by its pink sands on the coastline. However, the pink hue is not always visible. It’s visible only when the surging waves deposit the shells from which the color comes from.

It is an excellent spot for people who want to go on a solo retreat. It is less crowded; travelers can stroll along the beach without meeting other people. Walking is enjoyable because the shells aren’t hard to step on, even with bare feet.

Vacationers also get to enjoy other water adventures, such as snorkeling. At times, the waters are rough; however, they are protected by reefs that make them ideal for deep-sea diving.

It’s a magical place for lovers to spend an afternoon, too. Visitors can set up camp for a day and soak in the sun on the sandy coastline.

6. Princess Diana Beach

Its located on Barbuda’s southern coast and was previously known as Access or Coco Point beach. It is named after the iconic British Royal who holidayed on the island.

Although less developed, it is uniquely known as Princess Diana’s favorite holiday spot. In addition, it has five overwater bungalows occupying the lonely stretch of the shore. They can only be accessed by boat.

There are a variety of activities that visitors can enjoy on the coastline, such as snorkeling or scuba diving. The crystalline waters are also suitable for paddle boarding and kayaking.

Moreover, the waters are shallow and thus appropriate for kids. Travelers will relish walking in the long stretch of soft white sand, which is occasionally pink.

There is a little beach kiosk on the coastline where people can purchase lobsters and rum punch. They can also buy drinks to stay hydrated.

Unfortunately, there are no changing rooms. Visitors mostly use the bar’s storage room to change into their swimwear.

7. Deep Bay Beach

It’s a beautiful crescent-shaped beach located near Dickenson Bay. Tourists can conveniently access it through St John’s using a car or taxi.

The seashore offers a unique opportunity to look at the sunken ship. It’s a wreck of the Andes, a three-steel-masted sailing ship. It is protected by the law for locals and visitors to enjoy; no part can be taken away.

Tourists also visit this beach to participate in snorkeling activities. They love snorkeling around the Andes wreck in the middle of the bay. Deep-sea diving around the wreck is fun since tourists also see a wide range of aquatic life that dwells around the wreckage.

Swimming on the shore is enjoyable too. It’s like splashing water in a natural pool. In addition, people can enjoy sunbathing in the warm coastal sand before cooling down in seawater.

Travelers may also choose to walk to the north end of the beach. They can visit the magical ruins of Fort Barrington. It is one of the most beautiful ruins to explore in the region, with remains of gun installations.

In addition, vacationers can go fishing or visit the casino on the beach. On the other side, they can relax in the nearby spas or visit the souvenir shops to purchase items to shape their touring experience.

It’s important to mention that there are fewer facilities on the shore. Visitors with kids should note that there are no restrooms on the coastline. In addition, it isn’t equipped with toilets which is the main downside. There are, however, a few cafes and bars with snacks.

Why visit Antigua and Barbuda?

Antigua and Barbuda offer an excellent beach experience and have luxurious resorts with fantastic food. Vacationers can enjoy the warm and satisfying climate on the island. What’s more, the natives are friendly and welcoming.

The above options are perfect for people looking for a good holiday spot in a sea setting in Antigua and Barbuda. They’ll surely relish the desired coastline experience and comfort.