12 Best Beaches In Mallorca To Visit In Summer

best beaches in mallorca to explore

Mallorca is an excellent island with a fantastic coastline and beautiful beaches. The beaches are different in terms of environment, quality, and features.

Here is a list of the twelve best beaches in Mallorca. The beaches span a range of activities, the most popular ones being sunbathing and swimming.

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1. Cala Mesquida

Cala Mesquida is set on the northeastern shore of Mallorca. It stretches over 300 meters of fine sand and has shallow waters, which makes it especially suitable for families with small kids.

On one side, you will find a nice hotel resort with a café and a restaurant. There are also showers, restrooms, and sun loungers for rent. The right part of the beach is more secluded and nudist.

Are you a sports enthusiast? Try diving, snorkeling, or paddleboarding. There are very few beaches in Mallorca where surfers can catch a wave. With such a vast beach and water opening to the horizon, Cala Mesquida is one of them.

There is free parking above the beach. But we recommend you come early if you want to find a spot, especially during weekends and the peak season.

2. Sa Calobra Beach

Nestled between tall, rocky cliffs on the western coast of Mallorca, Sa Calobra Beach is probably one of the most scenic beaches on the whole of the island.

It’s set at the end of Torrent de Pareis canyon – a spot popular among hikers and cyclists.

To get there, you will have to take a road full of dramatic switchbacks and curves. However, you will be rewarded with beautiful views of the beach and the surroundings. Then, you will have to walk through a long tunnel in the rocky walls.

The beach is pebbly and its waters are crystal clear. They are also known for their abundant sea life. Fancy a snack or a drink? There are a couple of cafés and restaurants back in the tiny village of Sa Calobra.

3. Muro Beach

Muro Beach, located on the northeast coast of Mallorca, is a great beach to visit. It has a lot of natural elements, like the small sea caves and deep oceanic waters.

Other features that make Muro Beach one of the best beaches in Mallorca are its long stretches of golden sand covered by a few meters of dune grasses.

The water of this beach is very transparent. It has crystal clear waters, making it one of the best spots to take pictures in Mallorca, too. The beach has a soft surface and good drainage, which is ideal for sunbathing and swimming.

The water is deep enough to go underwater without problems except at high tide during low and high waves. The most important attraction of this beach is its long coastline with many natural elements like sea caves and exotic rocks covered by vegetation like tall sea bushes.

4. Platja del Portitxolet

Set in a former fishing village just outside of Palma, Platja del Portitxolet is a lovely urban beach with a homey atmosphere. No wonder – it’s often frequented by locals, especially on weekends, who know very well how to enjoy the sun.

There are no sun beds for hire, so make sure to bring your own towel. What this beach has however is a number of trendy seafood restaurants and bars that line the coastline.

Feeling active? The water there is usually calm and perfect for a swim or a little paddleboard ride. You can also cycle along the promenade which leads to Palma.

Note that Platja del Portitxolet can get busy in the summer months, so better arrive early in the morning to reserve your spot there.

5. Caló del Moro

This beach, also known as Cala d’es Moro, is located in the municipality of Sant Antoni de Portmany on the southeast coast of Mallorca Island right next to the Cales de Mallorca cliffs. The most impressive thing about this beach is its rugged coastline and great waters; it has a fantastic combination of crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches.

The best time to go swimming here is from May to October as during winter it gets pretty cold. Caló del Moro is also one of the best beaches in Mallorca because it is pretty secluded and therefore doesn’t get crowded.

6. Amarador Beach

Amador Beach is set on the southern coast of Mallorca and has a stunning natural environment. This beach is one of the most famous beaches in Mallorca and many tourists visit it every summer. The water is very clear here, so snorkeling or scuba diving are great experiences. The water temperature at this beach ranges from 15°C in April to 23°C in June.

There are a lot of unique spots on this beach, like the small cave in front of the beach and the sea arches, which are great for sunbathing. This beach has a flat surface and moderate drainage.

Another important attraction of this beach is its stunning coastline with many natural elements: the rocks are covered by low bushes, and there are also small caves with water that can be seen from above. The cliffs at this beach also have many steps and natural tunnels where you can also enjoy walking, scuba diving, or snorkeling.

7. Es Trenc Beach

Es Trenc is a beautiful beach located on the southwestern coast of Mallorca. It has a gorgeous scenic environment, like its rocky coastline covered by wild vegetation and grasses. This beach has moderate drainage and is relatively shallow as well.

Es Trenc Beach is also one of the best beaches in Mallorca to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving because it has a lot of natural elements covered by wild vegetation, making it great for those activities.

Towards the end of the beach, you can see a large arch; it is a great spot to sunbathe and swim. Es Trenc is one of the best beaches in Mallorca because it is pretty secluded, so it usually doesn’t get very crowded.

8. Cala Llombards

Cala Llombards is located southeast of Mallorca and has a pristine fine white sand beach. This beach has a stunning natural environment, like its vast coastline covered by wild vegetation and exotic rocks. It is also very shallow, so you can walk on it without problems and go swimming without getting all wet if you dive deep.

This beach has moderate drainage and a flat surface, ideal for sunbathing and enjoying lovely walks along the shoreline. Another great attraction of this beach is its long stretches of golden sandy shores with many sea arches. It is the best for family fun and children because its waters are calm.

9. Cala Mondrago

Cala Mondrago is a lovely and scenic beach. It is located on the southeast coast of Mallorca. It features a stunning natural environment, with many sea arches, small caves, and a lot of rocks covered by small bushes.

The best thing about this beach is that you can walk it without getting wet as the water’s surface is very flat. This beach has moderate drainage and is another one of the best beaches in Mallorca to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and walking along its shores.

It is also an excellent spot for more experienced visitors who love being in the water, as it is a great place to snorkel and scuba dive.

10. Cala Varques

Cala Varques is located on the east coast of Mallorca. It has a gorgeous location, surrounded by cliffs and rock formations covered by wild vegetation. This beach is also known as one of the most scenic beaches in Mallorca.

It has a stunning natural environment. Its long coastline is covered by a few meters of dune grasses; it is excellent for sunbathing, walking along its shores, and enjoying long snorkeling sessions in its clear waters. The water at this beach is quite deep and transparent, so it’s another one of the best beaches in Mallorca to enjoy these activities.

This beach usually has fewer tourists than others in the area, so it is perfect who like to enjoy the seaside on their own.

11. Cala Millor

Cala Millor is a beautiful, white sand beach located in the northeast of Mallorca. It has a stunning natural environment, like its rugged coastline with many sea arches and small caves covered by wild vegetation. Cala Millor also has some of the best beaches in Mallorca, because it is shallow and flat, so you can walk on it without problems and go swimming. The water temperature at this beach ranges from 13°C in February to 23°C in July.

It is another one of the best beaches in Mallorca to enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving; its clear waters are great for these activities and provide visitors with an amazing underwater experience. Its clear waters are also great for those who enjoy fishing.

What’s more, the famous Drac Caves are just a short drive away.

12. Cala Formentor

Cala Formentor

This natural beauty is located near the prestigious Hotel Formentor, which has hosted international figures such as Winston Churchill, Octavio Paz, and Josep Pla.

The back of the beach is lined with a pine forest that provides a beautiful setting. The trees also provide shade for parts of the beach.

There are lifeguards on duty as well as restrooms, changing rooms, and some restaurants and cafes.

L’espigó, La Veranda, and Platjamar are the three areas that make up the almost 1-mile-long beach.

It is fun to relax on the beach and look at the small boats moored offshore.

After spending the day on the beach, head to Faro de Capdepera, the lighthouse at the easternmost point of the island, to watch the beautiful sunset. The beach is about 10 minutes from Port de Pollenca.

What to do in Mallorca?

Mallorca is a perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Unlike other parts of Europe, Mallorca has not been damaged by World Wars, and therefore many of its attractions are up-to-date and in good condition.

Most of Mallorca’s beaches are clean and scenic. The only thing to be careful about when visiting Mallorca is sunburn as it can develop quickly due to the strong sunlight on the white sand beaches.

It also features a variety of affordable accommodations, clean streets, and great food. Although most people suffer from jet lag while visiting Mallorca, there is still a lot to see and do.

People can visit the old town of Palma and see the cathedral or take a ride on one of the local buses to get a taste of the area. Mallorca is also a safe place to travel for families because it has many activities that children will enjoy, like adventure parks with go-karts or water slides.

The security of Mallorca is strong, and it is an excellent place for families since there is not much violence or danger. There are also many police stations everywhere, so the police can rapidly respond to any emergency. Mallorca has no major terrorist threats.

Mallorca is a safe place even at night and alone; this is due to its low crime rate, especially in Palma. There are some areas of Palma where you should be more cautious because they have higher crime rates and drug trafficking, but the police are monitoring these places so they do not endanger tourists.

Transportation around the island

There are several means of transportation in Mallorca, such as buses, taxis, ferries, and private transfers, that you can book through local travel agencies. It offers convenience to passengers as they can secure the transportation they need before their arrival.

Many people also choose to rent a car when traveling around Mallorca, as it is the easiest and most comfortable way of getting around. Several car rental companies rent cars in Mallorca, such as Alamo, Avis, and Hertz, which one can contact through online booking.

What to pack when going to Mallorca beaches

One must bring sunscreen to protect the skin from getting burnt by the strong sunshine found at the Mallorca beaches. One of the other essential things that you should bring along with you when going to Mallorca beaches is water as they can get pretty hot.

You should also pack footwear to protect the feet from the hot sand and stone found on some parts of Mallorca shores. At some of Mallorca’s beaches, there are small cliffs that have been eroded by the waves, which means that one must pay very close attention while walking on them at all times.


Mallorca is one of the most beautiful and romantic islands in Europe. It also offers a wide variety of tourist options, from beaches to mountains, and is linked to the Mediterranean culture and is full of history. It has beautiful scenery, hotels, and excellent cuisine that allow tourists to have enjoyable holidays in this paradise. The beaches in Mallorca are excellent, especially with the pristine and clear waters that have as many colors as the sea itself.