Best Time To Book Your Summer 2024 Flights According to Expedia

Best Time To Book Your Summer 2024 Flights According to Expedia

Counterintuitively, being an early bird probably doesn’t pay this time, according to the American travel technology company Expedia.

Historic data revealed by the Expedia® Summer Travel Outlook show that booking your flights between 21 to 60 days before departure will help you save up to 15% on both national and international trips. 

On the other side, those who purchase their tickets more than 90 days in advance will have to pay up to 15% more for international trips.

Also, traveling during the last two weeks of August can help you save up to $265 in travel costs. Another pro-tip is that flights scheduled to depart after 3:00 pm have 50% more chances of being canceled.  

Finally, fly internationally on Mondays and domestically on Tuesdays to save even more money.

Based on global data collected since last winter, Pinterest and other search engines accurately determined the most important Travel Trends for 2024. Check them out! 


According to American Express Travel, 70 percent of Gen Z and Millennial travelers are influenced by destinations featured in films.

Digital Detox

In a massively interconnected era, seems like thousands of people want to go off the grid and enjoy nature as it is.

These tourists are looking for “quiet places” to do a “digital detox” in forests, cabins in the mountains and national parks. 

Mysterious or Enigmatic

A big chunk of summer travelers will be found visiting mysterious ancient ruins, hidden gems, and abandoned or haunted places in “calming nature.”

This demographic is booking their tickets to Machu Picchu, Peru; Edinburgh, Scotland; and similar venues. 

Culture Connoisseur Travel

As per Four Season Magazine, there’s a growing number of travelers planning their holidays around sporting events, festivals, and concerts where singers like Taylor Swift make an appearance. 

Adventure Trips

Another huge number of travelers are eager to engage in adventurous trips that stimulate their minds and bodies, in which they can do scuba diving, photography and hiking.

Preferred countries include the Philippines for its unspoiled nature and Tanzania for its safaris.

Gen Z – Road Trips with Friends 

Saving is the keyword for Gen Z tourists this summer. These young travelers will hit the road with friends without too much planning. 

These kiddos are mostly heading to Jasper, Canada.