Google Searches For ‘Digital Nomad Visa’ Increase 1,135% Worldwide In 2024 

Searches For “Digital Nomad Visa” Increase More Than 1,000% Worldwide In 2024 

A study by “Places to Travel” has revealed that searches related to digital nomad visa have grown a staggering 1,135% in 2024, breaking all records set in previous years. 

The agency used Google Trends, a tool that measures how frequently people search for a term or sentence in Google’s search engine in a set period, to crunch the numbers. 

Back in 2020, Estonia became the first country in the world to introduce a whole new concept named a “digital nomad visa program.”

Since then, more than 50 countries have joined the trend, offering digital nomads the opportunity to legally live and work in their territories for a few years.

Last month, Italy, Turkey and South Africa launched their own digital nomad visas, becoming the latest to join the list.

Later, people at “Places to Travel” determined that searches containing the sentence “Italy digital nomad visa” spiked by 3,025% worldwide!

Digital nomad visas popularity “has taken the world by storm – as the results of the study show – with employees keen to take advantage of the unique working opportunities afforded to them, whilst continuing to build their hard-earned careers,” said Jason Wilson, CEO of Places to Travel.

Best Visa for Digital Nomads in 2024

The following are the 3 best digital nomad visas for 2024, according to the Digital Nomad Visa Index from VisaGuide.World.

The index is a ranking system that assigns points to countries after analyzing their aptness to accommodate digital nomads and remote workers.

3. Romania

Boasting the “fastest internet in the world,” Romania has reached an index score of 3.74. This country has an important cultural offer along with world-class services for digital nomads.

The most sought-after cities include Bucharest, Cluj, and Timisoara for their technological development and affordable cost of living.

Main requirements and highlights:

  • You can submit your application at your closest Romanian embassy or online to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • You must earn at least USD 3,630 (EUR 3,300).
  • You have to pay 0% tax. 
  • The length of the visa is 1 year and can be renowned for an additional one.
  • You’ll have to pay approximately USD 165 (EUR 150) for the application process and wait 10–14 days to get it processed. 

2. Argentina 

Argentina came in second with a score of 3.78. Buenos Aires is a traditional city for digital nomads because of its high-speed internet and great cultural offerings.

The country’s current economic situation makes it perfect for digital nomads to enjoy high-quality living at very low costs. 

Main requirements and highlights:

  • You should submit your application from your home country. Documents include a valid passport, a 4×4 photo, a description of your commercial or working activities, a letter explaining your experience in the field and documentation proving that experience, your educational background, one “reference linked to your occupation,” and proof of payments. 
  • The visa has a length of 180 days, renewable for another 180.
  • There is no need to pay taxes.
  • You must earn at least EUR 2,500.
  • The process will cost you US 200 and the time taken depends on your consulate or embassy.

1. Spain 

With a score of 4.50, Spain positioned itself as the best country for digital nomads due to its affordable cost of living, high-speed internet, low crime rates and blessed weather.

Main requirements and highlights:

  • Application process: send your application to your nearest Spanish consulate to receive a 1-year visa, and then change it to a 3-year residence card when in Spain. Another way is to submit your application while you are in Spain as a tourist to get a 3-year residence permit.
  • You don’t have to pay taxes for the first 6 months of your stay, after that, you have to pay 15% of your income for 4 years, and finally 24%.
  • The application costs around 100 euros and takes 15–45 days to process.
  • The length of the visa is technically 1 year and can be renewed for 5 years until you can apply for permanent residency.
  • You must earn at least USD 2,354 (EUR 2,140).