china reopening for tourists internationally

China Is Open For Tourism And Sees Rapid Decline In Covid Cases

China is open for tourism from January 8 (2022). Mandatory quarantine and daily flight limits were removed.

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China Reopening Borders – Latest Updates


March 10 – US to relax Covid testing restrictions for travelers from China as soon as March 10

A source close to the situation told CNN Tuesday that the US is going to ease Covid-19 testing requirements for Chinese visitors as soon as Friday, noting a drop in Covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths as well as more data on the versions that were circulating in China.

When Beijing’s sudden relaxing of Covid regulations resulted in an increase in instances, federal health officials declared in December that, from January 5, all travelers from China would be obligated to show a negative Covid test result before traveling to the nation.

The testing requirement was implemented in January, following China’s drop on controversial and long-held zero-Covid policy, which caught many in the country off guard in early December.

February 17 – China says its Covid response is a ‘miracle in human history’

Following a sudden easing of its “zero-Covid” policy late last year, China has declared a “major and decisive victory” in controlling the coronavirus pandemic that has swept the nation in recent months.

The ruling Communist Party’s top decision-making body reached that assessment Thursday during a behind-closed-doors meeting chaired by Chinese leader Xi Jinping. It is the latest indication that the nation is trying to reduce the political impact of zero-Covid.

The long-standing policy had caused much resentment, including occasional nationwide protests, before it was abruptly ended in December amid mounting economic costs.

February 2 – the country’s current wave of Covid-19 infections is “coming to an end”.

According to a report from the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of severe covid cases and deaths is declining.

Although many people gathered with their families last week to celebrate the Lunar New Year, there was “no obvious rebound.” Concerns have long been raised about the covid reports from China.

However, researchers maintain that the current decline is consistent with the expected timing of the end of this major wave.

After the government lifted zero-Covid restrictions in December, the virus wreaked havoc in Chinese cities and villages. Clinic visits fell by over 90% in January, and hospital admissions are down by over 85%.

When is China likely to Reopen for Tourism?

China is again open for tourism. International flights will gradually restart between 2023 and 2025, according to China’s “14th five-year plan,” for civil aviation development.

“Due to the current state of the pandemic,” the plan will be divided into two phases. 

The years 2023-2025 will be a period of growth, with a focus on enhancing the local market, restoring the international market, and improving the level of opening up, according to the aviation industry media.

China Reopening Borders – FAQs:

How to obtain a visa?


It is not enough to have a passport that is current and that it has at least six months left prior to expiring. 

DO NOT TRAVEL TO CHINA WITHOUT A VISA. Anyone who tries to enter China right now with just a passport and no proper visa may be arrested, deported, or refused access. 

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Current mask requirement

Health authorities in China’s capital Beijing have been lifting the requirement for people to wear masks outdoors after the city reported several consecutive days without new cases.

This may change with no prior notice.