Discover TOP 30 Companies Offering Remote Work Opportunities

Discover TOP 30 Companies Offering Remote Work Opportunities

Professionals are increasingly looking for remote jobs these days because they offer them the opportunity to combine work with travel or simply stay at home in comfort.

These are the top 30 remote work-from-anywhere employers. They are sorted from highest to lowest offerings.

1. Wikimedia Foundation – The Wikimedia Foundation is a nonprofit organization that promotes the creation, expansion, and dissemination of free, multilingual information.

2. Protocol Labs – a software firm that develops tools and solutions to tackle the technical problems of the web and improve user experience.

3. Kraken – a platform for digital assets that provides custodial NFT trading, index service, parachain auctions, spot trading, margin trading, staking, and regulated derivatives.

4. Clipboard Health – a business that matches skilled nurses with suitable employment opportunities.

5. Omnipresent Group – a business that manages clients’ administrative needs, such as payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance.

6. Achieve Test Prep – a college-bound population is served by an academic support group that provides exam preparation and consulting services.

7. Jagex – a publisher and producer of video games.

8. e2f – A leader in language and data operations offering adaptable tech solutions for digital content.

9. Canonical – a business that provides a range of services to aid businesses in increasing operational effectiveness and cutting overall costs.

10. FluentU – a website for online education that provides real-world video content with language immersion.

11. Coalition Technologies – a platform for online education that offers immersive real-world video content.

12. ConsenSys – a blockchain venture production studio that develops and scales corporate software solutions and products focused on consumers. Powered by Ethereum.

13. Outliant – a product development and consulting firm offering technological end-to-end services to aid small businesses and established corporations in growing their digital footprints.

14. Superside – an organization with a goal of providing enterprise teams with design at scale.

15. Big Time Studios – a game company that aims to create online adventures over time and space.

16. Trafile – a marketing and advertising firm that specializes in innovative, data-driven e-commerce tactics that support the online development of global brands that are focused on customers.

17. Clevertech – a provider of information technology and services that develop innovative, customized tech solutions.

18. Yodo1 – a provider of gaming services that aids studios and developers globally in managing, marketing, and making money from their games.

19. Jellysmack – a company with exclusive video analytics and technology that boosts monetization by increasing social audience growth for producers and opening up new revenue streams.

20. Tetrate – A  company focused on information technology (IT) that aims to provide “enterprise-ready service mesh.”

21. Cash App – a financial services company that offers consumers methods to send, spend, save, and invest in money, stocks, Bitcoin, and other things using its platform and app as an alternative to traditional banking.

22. – a business that wants to make going to a typical college less expensive.

23. 8Bit Recruitment – a staffing firm that specializes in finding employees for Internet startups, virtual reality, and the development of video and mobile games.

24. – a firm backed by venture finance that is attempting to make cloud infrastructures simpler by creating an idea-to-cloud application platform.

25. Remote Technology, Inc. – a business that enables companies to pay and manage full-time and contract employees globally.

26. Ripple Labs – a website provider attempting to enable global customers to send money utilizing blockchain technology.

27. Velocity Global – a financial services company that has created a platform to allow businesses deploy remote teams without experiencing any friction.

28. AlpacaDB – a stock and cryptocurrency brokerage platform with an API that enables developers to create trading algorithms and applications that can freely access the market.

29. Goodwall – a network for young talent’s professional growth that aids high school graduates and students in telling their experiences, spotting chances, securing scholarships, and gaining university recognition.

30. 10up – a comprehensive digital agency with a content management focus.