Explore All Of Portugal’s Coastal Beauty With This New Monthly Rail Pass For €49

Explore All Of Portugal's Coastal Beauty With This New Monthly Rail Pass For €49

Portugal recently introduced a new rail pass that allows both locals and visitors to see the country’s entire coastline for less than €50.

Following other popular low-cost monthly rail alternatives in other European countries, including France, Spain, and Germany, customers can now purchase an unlimited monthly rail pass for just €49 (about $53) per month.

Almost all regional train networks accept the Comboios de Portugal National Rail Pass. However, the pass does not apply to local transport (i.e., the metro or the famous streetcars) in Porto, Lisbon, or Coimbra, according to the service. The good news is that there are no travel restrictions or blackout periods for the trains on which it applies.

To obtain the new card, travelers must purchase a CP loyalty card. This card is available at offices throughout the country upon presentation of identification but costs an additional €6. The new monthly pass, valid from the beginning of each calendar month until its end, can then be loaded onto the card.

The rest, then, is straightforward. Portugal offers an incredible variety of landscapes, from the golden beaches of the Algarve to the lush vineyards of the Douro Valley and the rugged cliffs of the Azores. The stunning coastal areas, picturesque fishing villages, and serene countryside make it a paradise for nature lovers and explorers.

Alternatively, you can learn about Portugal’s history which spans centuries, and its influence can be seen in its architecture, traditions, and cuisine. Explore charming old towns, majestic castles, and beautifully tiled buildings that tell the story of the country’s past. From Fado music echoing through narrow streets to local festivals celebrating age-old traditions, Portugal offers a captivating cultural experience.

The regional train from Lagos to Vila Real de Santo António, which follows a rocky coastline and allows you to get off and back on at beach towns to surf, swim, or just enjoy the delicious seafood cuisine this country is so well known for, is another option that will definitely be worth the €49. Visit the Comboios de Portugal website at cp.pt for all the information about the pass.