Hawaii Issues Travel Warnings Amid Wildfires In Multiple Locations

Hawaii Issues Travel Warnings Amid Wildfires In Multiple Locations

Wildfires are currently wreaking havoc on ​the western and southern sides of Maui, leading to widespread evacuations, travel advisories, road closures, school shutdowns, and power outages.

These devastating conditions are attributed to Hurricane Dora’s strong winds despite its location over 500 miles south of the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

As per recent reports from CNN, at least three ​active wildfires are burning across Maui. The affected areas include the West Side District (which encompasses residential neighborhoods, commercial areas, and resorts) as well as Upcountry—an area where fires have spread across approximately 1,000 acres. Lahaina on the west side has been particularly impacted with businesses along Front Street engulfed by flames.

In a harrowing escape bid from both fire ​and smoke in Lahaina—which is home to around 12,000 people—12 individuals were safely rescued by Coast Guard after jumping into the ocean for safety. Unfortunately, the Washington Post reports that at least 36 people have been killed so far with live updates still streaming in. 

The repercussions extend beyond direct fire damage; thousands of residents remain without power due to strong winds toppling electricity lines while emergency services such as 911 communications are currently unavailable on Maui’s west side. Multiple ​schools in Maui also remain closed due to dangerous conditions and mandatory evacuation orders issued by Hawaii Department of Education. To ensure public safety, Maui County officials have also closed all roads in Lahaina to the general public and restricted traffic in West Maui to only emergency staff.

In response to the emergency situation, an emergency proclamation is in effect and evacuations are underway on both the west side and south side of Maui following an official proclamation. Acting ​Governor Sylvia Luke has strongly discouraged non-essential travel to and within Maui and is urging tourists already present in West Maui to depart as soon as it is deemed safe.

While Kahului Airport (OGG) and Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport (KOA) remain open at this time, travelers are advised by Hawaiian Airlines to ​stay updated on flight statuses for any potential changes or disruptions.

Shelters have been established on both sides of Maui with additional centers slated for opening soon. Mahina Martin, Chief Communications Officer at the Maui Emergency Management Agency, explains that shelters had been relocated away from fire ​zones after initially housing 150 evacuees inside and 200 outside. Presently, four evacuation centers are operational with more set up plans underway.

Looking Forward, weather reports and forecasts predict a decrease in wind intensity today, with further subsiding expected by Thursday. While rain is ​anticipated, it is forecasted to fall on the eastern side of Maui rather than the areas directly affected by wildfires.

Videos capturing the dire conditions in Maui have already gone viral on social media platforms like TikTok. Users are using these channels to raise ​awareness about the situation and appeal for compassion and support during this challenging time. 

The severity of the situation calls for heightened caution as firefighters bravely work towards containing these fires while residents seek refuge in emergency ​shelters. Travelers should closely monitor their flight statuses and follow guidance from local authorities before planning any trips to affected areas.

When natural disasters strike popular tourist ​destinations like Hawaii or anywhere around the world, they can disrupt travel plans leaving visitors uncertain about where else they could go instead or how best to proceed.