Here’s Why Ryanair Airline Isn’t As Bad As You Think – 10 Facts

Here's Why Ryanair Airline Isn't As Bad As You Think - 10 Facts

Ryanair, a prominent budget airline in Europe, frequently encounters complaints from passengers who have had less-than-optimal encounters with the carrier. While occasional hiccups do occur, it’s worth noting that the majority of experiences with Ryanair are satisfactory, especially when taking into account the value for money. It might not deliver a premium first-class experience, but it also doesn’t come close in terms of cost. Here are ten reasons to reconsider the negative perceptions surrounding flying with Ryanair.

1. Ryanair has a high level of safety

A single catastrophic incident could irreparably damage the brand. Like most airlines, the airline knows this is an area where you can’t avoid spending money. According to the ASN Aviation Safety Database, Ryanair has never experienced a fatal accident or incident. 

2. Europe’s cleanest & greenest airline

The airline Ryanair describes itself as “one of the world’s highest-rated environmental airlines.” The airline’s customers can reasonably be certain that it is making an effort to reduce its environmental impact.

3. You should get to your destination on time

Ryanair strives to notify passengers when their arrival at their destination is ahead of the expected schedule, a common occurrence on its flights. In 2019, the airline operated a total of 837,703 flights, achieving an on-time rate of 92%. In 2021, that number increased as 96% of the airline’s 339,858 flights arrived on time.

4. Ryanair’s fleet is new

Ryanair operates a fairly new fleet. estimates that the airline’s fleet is on average 10.8 years old. The proportion of newer aircraft, which use less fuel and emit fewer emissions, is expected to increase in the coming years. Hundreds of Boeing 737 MAX 8-200 and MAX 10 are on order for the airline and will be delivered over the course of the following ten years.

5. The legroom isn’t bad as people say

Numerous individuals assert that legroom within intra-European economy cabins falls short of being comfortable. Ryanair achieves the placement of 189 seats within its Boeing 737-800 aircraft, and its high-capacity Boeing 737 MAX 200 models accommodate an impressive 197 seats.

6. No annoying interruptions (early in the morning)

You might be aware that Ryanair has gained notoriety for its frequent in-flight announcements. On occasions, it can feel like they are unceasing, especially when they’re presenting services like catering, beverages, duty-free items, and scratch cards, even on a short one-hour flight.

Over the past few years, flights during the early mornings and late nights have witnessed a bit more tranquility. While essential safety messages will persist, you’re likely to be exempt from offerings like scratch cards and the well-known on-time arrival announcements, particularly during the early hours or late at night.

7. You get what you pay for

If you purchase an airline ticket for less than ten euros, you will never experience first-class service. When you fly with Ryanair, you get what you paid for. As long as you understand this and adjust your expectations accordingly, traveling won’t be too difficult.

8. It’s -almost- always an option in Europe

The airline served about 230 airports in Europe from a number of small bases by July 2023. This means that if a Ryanair connection is not offered at your local airport, it will likely be offered at a nearby airport. Ryanair set a record in July 2023 when it operated more than 100,000 flights in a calendar month for the first time.

9. It’s cheap

Ryanair is a budget airline. This indicates that some of its fares are among the most affordable in the entire aviation sector. In the past, the airline had fares starting at £1 ($1.27). Sadly, these no longer exist, but it is still feasible to travel one way from Milan Bergamo, Italy, to Rijeka, Croatia, for as little as €9.99 ($10.93). A one hour and ten minute flying time has been scheduled. Without any additional fees, a flight would cost about $0.14 per minute.

10. You pay for what you want

Unlike other airlines that have increasingly skimped on additional amenities in recent years, Ryanair is a no-frills carrier to start with. Ryanair’s decision not to initially add these “frills” to the main ticket price ultimately had an unexpected benefit. Although passengers who want these services must pay extra, this strategy can result in cost savings.