Indonesian Tourism Board Issues Advisory For Safer Travel In Bali

Indonesian Tourism Board Issues Advisory Tips For Safer Travel In Bali

An enlightening infographic with helpful tips on how to be safe in Bali this holiday season has been released by the Indonesian Tourism Board, Wonderful Indonesia.

Wonderful Indonesia has provided the best advice before the peak travel season on how to fully experience the island’s wonderful culture and stay safe in an ever-changing environment.

“Research and Plan for a Smooth Journey” is the first piece of advice from Wonderful Indonesia.

“Before embarking on your Bali trip, immerse yourself in the vibrant local customs, laws, and cultural norms. Get acquainted with the local emergency numbers and jot down the address of your accommodation for quick reference,” says the Tourism Board. 

All visitors arriving at Bali’s I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport will now receive a guide outlining proper behavior on the island. The provincial government has made clear how it expects visitors to behave during their stay on the island following an increase in improper behavior by foreigners.

“Secure Your Belongings: Guard Your Treasuresis the second most important safety advice from Wonderful Indonesia.

“Keep their precious belongings under lock and key by utilizing the convenient hotel safe or securing them in their accommodation. While exploring the enchanting sights, remain vigilant and discreet to deter any potential theft,” says Wonderful Indonesia.

The following top tip is sage advice that we all probably overlook when we are out enjoying the sun. Wonderful Indonesia admonishes us all to drink plenty of water during the holiday season.

Water safety is possibly the most pertinent and important safety advice Wonderful Indonesia has for visitors going to Bali.

They say, “dive into Bali’s mesmerizing waters while adhering to essential safety measures. Keep an eye out for informative warning signs, tides, and currents before taking a refreshing swim. If in doubt, seek the guidance of vigilant lifeguards or friendly locals for a splashing good time!”

Visitors are also warned about street food by Wonderful Indonesia. While most restaurants, local warungs, and even street vendors are safe places for foreigners to eat, there are a few warning signs to watch out for.

Wonderful Indonesia has prompted visitors to Bali to “delight your taste buds with Bali’s tantalizing street food while keeping an eye on hygiene.”

“Seek out food stalls and vendors that prioritize cleanliness and serve freshly prepared delights. Indulge in the vibrant local cuisine while avoiding raw or undercooked treats, and quench your thirst with bottled or purified water.”