Instagram Data Reveals Global Distribution Of Digital Nomads In 2023

Instagram Data Reveals Global Distribution Of Digital Nomads In 2023

After removing spam accounts and bots, examined thousands of Instagram posts with the hashtag #digitalnomad. Using the Instagram geotag or instances of a country name in the text, they were able to find out which nation the digital nomad was in.

North America

NYC, known for its thriving business scene, is among the top destinations for #digitalnomads, surpassed in popularity only by London and Thailand. The city attracts people who are drawn to its vibrant work culture, whether they have a specific need to be there or not. On the other hand, Washington, D.C. may not be an obvious choice for digital nomads, but it still manages to grab their attention. 

South America

With a sizable lead of 8.3%, the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires, is the top choice for digital nomads in South America, surpassing Rio de Janeiro, which secures second place. 

Remarkably, Medellín, Colombia, previously the leading destination, now takes third place. 


When you envision working on your laptop while backpacking through Europe, which cities immediately come to mind? London, Paris, and Barcelona, perchance? You’re not alone in thinking so. These cities have gained popularity among digital nomads, as indicated by the significant number of #digitalnomad posts they have accumulated, each exceeding 10,000. Joining this list is Lisbon, further exemplifying its appeal to remote workers. Among them, London takes the crown with an astonishing total of 20,556 posts, solidifying its position as the most sought-after destination for digital nomads worldwide.

Middle East & Central Asia

In this region, Dubai and Istanbul are far ahead in terms of the number of digital nomads. Dubai recently ranked third among the top international locations for remote workers. Majed Al Suwaidi, head of Dubai Media City, explains, “We have the GoFreelance visa, which is designed for self-employed workers in media, design and technology.” Istanbul is a clear second in this region, with a 264% higher presence of digital nomads on Instagram than the next largest location.

Rest of Asia & Oceania

Thailand receives significant recognition as a favored destination for digital nomads. The capital city of Bangkok proudly ranks second as one of the most #digitalnomad destinations in the world posted on Instagram. Within Asia, Chiang Mai, Ko Phangan and Krabi also occupy spots in the top ten. Chiang Mai stands out for its excellent co-working spaces. Krabi, on the other hand, offers a picturesque setting and convenient access to some of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches. Ko Phangan, an idyllic island, uniquely combines unspoiled natural beauty with numerous co-working spaces that cater to the nomadic lifestyle.


Cape Town surpasses all other African destinations with more than double the digital nomad activity on Instagram. One travel blogger eloquently expresses Cape Town’s appeal by saying, “Cape Town allows us to experience a luxurious 5-star lifestyle while sticking to a modest 3-star budget.” The blogger also highlights the city’s captivating day trips, trendy atmosphere and many WiFi cafes. These establishments are described as stylish venues run by hip, young Capetonians who exude a cool and confident vibe.