Is France Safe To Visit? Travel Advisory 2024

Is France Safe To Visit? Travel Advisory 2024

France has elevated its Vigipirate, or  national security alert system, to “Attack Emergency Level,” the highest possible, due to potential terrorist attacks.

Since March 24, local police have increased their power to patrol and search all types of tourist, religious and sporting venues.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially when in the middle of too many people. 

The Olympic and Paralympic games that will be held in the country over the summer are expected to increase the risk of potential terror attacks. 

Since no trip to France is currently considered entirely safe, read on to learn all the considerations you should take into account if you still decide to visit this country at the moment.

LATEST NEWS From France: 

April 3, 2024: France Elevated its Terror Alert to the Highest Level

Following the terrorist attacks committed in Moscow by the “Islamic State” on March 22, France had to elevate its domestic safety system to “Attack Emergency Level.”

As a result, the country is able to allocate funds more efficiently and police are allowed to search airports, public transportation, churches, tourist venues, educational centers, sports venues and shopping malls.

The US government urges Americans to keep a low profile, stay away from crowded or touristic areas, and leave those where too many police officers are patrolling. 

It also advises citizens to register in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)  to keep updated about the domestic situation and help locate you in case of need.

Crime Statistics in France

According to Numbeo, the world’s biggest database of cities and countries, crime in France is Moderate,” with 58.64 points. 

Crime level58.64Moderate
Rise in crime over the last 3 years72.54High
Concerns about getting your belongings stolen 50.46Moderate
Concerns of being mugged or robbed56.84Moderate
Worries about getting your car stolen46.69Moderate
Worries about getting your belongings stolen
from your car
Concerns about being attacked56.37Moderate
Worries of being insulted60.79High
Concerns about being physically attacked due to
your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion
Issues with drug addicts or drug dealers63.63High
Vandalism and theft62.98High
Violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery53.51Moderate

Areas to Avoid

Given the current “Attack Emergency Level,” visitors to France must exercise increased caution across the country, especially in “airports, public transportation, churches, tourist venues, educational centers, sports venues and shopping malls.”

We won’t advise you not to visit them, but when in Paris, pay special attention to your surroundings when in the “18th arrondissement” (neighborhood 18), and 19th arrondissement (neighborhood 19), particularly at night. 

Violent attacks have been reported at Gare du Nord train station and 1, 2 and 6 metro lines in Paris and the metro as a whole. 

Official Travel Advisories 

US Travel Advisory

The US government’s biggest concern has to do with terrorism. According to the State Department, terrorist organizations are actively planning possible attacks in the territory. 

Attacks can occur with little or no warning on all types of public transportation, shopping malls, government venues, churches, open-air parks, sporting and cultural events, educational centers, and similar areas.

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Canada Travel Advisory

As per the Canadian government, visitors must “exercise a high degree of caution” when visiting France. This means the country is not considered entirely safe.

France is currently under “Attack emergency” alert. Thus, the government requires citizens to keep their guard high when in public places or when surrounded by crowds because “attacks are likely.”

Safety Tips for France

As of today, no travel to France is considered to be risk-free. We recommend you follow these safety tips to reduce potential risks.

  • Avoid visiting or spending too much time at educational institutions, places of worship, shopping malls and popular tourist landmarks. 
  • Pickpocketing is a major issue, especially on public transportation such as metro lines. 
  • Make sure you have your travel documents protected or even better, secure them back in your accommodation.
  • Strikes are common across France. Given the current situation avoid congested areas at all costs.
  • Monitor local media and social media platforms for possible threats.
  • If you see something suspicious, report it to the police at once.
  • Follow police instructions and take official warnings seriously.