Jamaica’s Tourism Continues Booming Despite Negative Travel Advisory In Early 2024

Jamaica's Tourism Booming Despite Negative Travel Advisory In Early 2024

Once again, this Caribbean island is reporting a record number of air and cruise arrivals in 2024 despite the negative travel advisory emitted by the US government earlier this year.

As of today, the country has welcomed 1,016,185 air visitors and over 700,000 cruise passengers. This represents a 4.6 percent and 23 percent increase over last year, Edmund Bartlett, Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism, told reporters this week.

Jamaica has been working non-stop on different fronts to achieve these extraordinary results.

“We will continue to aggressively market the destination and work assiduously with our partners to get there,”  Bartlett said. 

For Donovan White, Jamaica’s Director of Tourism, the island’s laid-back environment is the key to its success among tourists from all over the world, especially from the United States.

“Whether it’s our food, music, or entertainment, there is a vibe that only comes alive in Jamaica,” said White. 

Considering the country’s stats, Jamaica is on its way to achieving its five million annual visitor target over the next 4 years rather than the five initially forecasted by tourism authorities, said Bartlett.

On January 23, the US government updated its Travel Advisory due to a spike in crime and the lack of proper medical services available for visitors and locals.

Ironically, American tourists are the ones pushing up tourism figures in Jamaica in recent times.

Visitors from the US have risen by 16 percent over 2023, said the tourism minister. Americans represent 74 percent of all international tourists visiting the island.

This “speaks to the confidence our tourism partners and visitors have in the destination,” Bartlett concluded.

As per the advisory, US citizens should “Reconsider Travel” to this destination for the reasons mentioned above.

As a “Level 3” country, Jamaica is being impacted by violent crimes such as armed robberies, homicides, and frequent sexual assaults taking place even in all-inclusive resorts, the advisory reads.

This Caribbean island possesses the highest homicide rate in the Western Hemisphere and crimes are not frequently solved. Americans who get into legal trouble may not find justice.

If you still decide to visit this island, the government urges you to purchase travel insurance that covers medical evacuation, as “the Department of State does not pay medical bills.”

Last but not least, it’s important to avoid bringing any types of firearms or objects related to them, avoid public transportation or physically resist any robbery attempts.

This country has a large number of places that should be avoided at all costs. Check them out here.