Massive Influx Of Seaweed Prompts Installation Of Anti-Sargassum Barriers In Mexican Caribbean

Massive Influx Of Seaweed Prompts Installation Of Anti-Sargassum Barriers In Mexican Caribbean

Due to the massive influx of sargassum, which is already being recorded in parts of Quintana Roo, particularly in the municipality of Tulum, several large hotels in the Riviera Maya have begun the installation of sargassum containment barriers. In this process, they are coordinating with the Secretary of the Navy and the Port Authority.

Similarly, the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) has taken corresponding action. Consequently, the Port Authority in Playa del Carmen has announced that as of yesterday, Thursday, they began deploying a 1,480-meter sargassum containment barrier, specifically in the bays of Chemuyil and Chemuyilito.

These steps signify a proactive response by the local hospitality industry to the environmental challenge posed by the increasing presence of sargassum seaweed. The involvement of maritime authorities underscores the collaborative effort to address this issue effectively and mitigate its impact on the region’s coastal areas.

The authority has issued a warning to the maritime community, service providers, and the general public about the crucial role of the barrier’s proper functioning in this area. They have been urged to take necessary precautions and to make appropriate use of the access points. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on not attempting to breach the barrier with boats to avoid potential sanctions.

Furthermore, according to the Red de Monitoreo del Sargazo, reports indicate that the influx of sargassum has not stopped along the coastline of the ninth municipality, primarily affecting the areas of Xcacel-Xcacelito and Akumal. This is the reason why the barrier is being placed near the Sea Turtle Sanctuary, as it is one of the most vulnerable areas for sargassum collection on land.

For now, authorities have not provided information on whether these barriers will be installed at other locations. It’s important to remember that the decision depends on prevailing weather conditions, as it would be futile to install a barrier in areas with strong waves. Such conditions could cause the barrier to break, leading to different types of environmental impacts.