Mexico Is No. 1 Spring Break Destination In 2024, According to Hostel Bookings

Mexico Is No. 1 Spring Break Destination In 2024, According to Hostel Bookings

According to an analysis of flight data by ForwardKeys, Mexico tops the list of international destinations for American spring breakers. The total bookings from American travelers for flights to Mexico are up 14% for March, according to the data. 

The affordability and proximity are some of the prime reasons vacationers are picking Mexico as their go-to Spring Break destination.  

Hostelworld, which offers travelers the world’s best hostels, shared that regions such as Mexico City, Cancun, Tulum and others have led Mexico to be the most booked in the Central America region.

Controversy and Warnings Surrounding Spring Break 2024

Despite a spring break warning by the U.S. Embassy in February advising Americans to “exercise increased caution” when visiting Mexico, high levels of bookings are still being seen. The advisory informed travelers to be informed and consider many factors like crime, drugs and immigration issues and to enroll in the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program to receive up-to-date information on safety conditions in Mexico and to help the U.S. Embassy contact you in an emergency.

Americans are to “exercise increased caution,” particularly in Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, and Tulum limit the amount of cash they carry, be wary of fake medicines and unregulated alcohol and stay vigilant. 

To help combat issues, the Mexican Army and the National Guard have been deployed across the country to fight organized crime and execute intelligence actions that address security problems. These forces are working alongside the local Regional Task Force in Tulum for example to protect both international tourists and the national environment. 

This news mirrors what is going on in Florida, another hotbed for Spring Break travel, as governor Ron DeSantis has deployed state troopers to crackdown on lawlessness. According to reports 140 troopers will be sent across the state to assist law enforcement agencies and help maintain order during the surge of visitors.