Miami Is Receiving Record Numbers Of Tourists And The Trend Isn’t Stopping Any Time Soon

Miami Is Receiving Record Numbers Of Tourists And The Trend Isn't Stopping Any Time Soon

The past few years have seen a significant boom in Miami’s tourism industry. Throughout the pandemic, there were more visitors to the city and the entire state of Florida than usual for the state.

Since the onset of the pandemic, tourism has increased almost every quarter, due in part to the lax regulations of COVID. This trend is expected to continue once the total of foreign travel resumes and the airport staffing crisis eases.

We looked at visitor numbers to better understand the city’s tourism boom and why so many people travel to the Sunshine State to enjoy Miami’s beaches, nightlife and shopping.

Visitors from all over the world swarm to Miami for a variety of reasons, including the glamour of South Beach, the sunshine of Miami Beach, the cool vibes of the Wynwood Art District, the incredible Latin food that can be found just about anywhere, and so much more.

Miami International is also a major hub for travel to Latin America and the U.S. entry to the region.

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When it comes to foot traffic, also noted that MIA is outperforming the other busiest airports in the United States, including Atlanta, Denver, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Seattle.

We should remember that Florida remained largely open for business during the pandemic. reported that compared to the same months in 2019, foot traffic from the United States and out-of-state visitors increased by over 30% in Miami in June and July 2022.

Miami draws visitors for its architecture, art, culture, and other reasons. Even observed that some of Miami’s best art museums are trending in terms of popularity. For instance, the Wynwood Art District saw a 10.1% increase in foot visitation from 2019 to this year.

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Miami is the place to be for culture lovers, beach vacationers, partygoers, and pretty much everyone in between.

Statistics also show that in 2022, more visitors will come to Miami to spend money. This year, luxury brand stores in the Outdoor Design District saw an increase in customers that broke all previous records. In some stores, growth was 176.8% higher than in 2019.

Miami is also home to the bustling Brickell City Center, whose prime downtown location is attracting more tourists to the city’s business district.