New Dating App For Digital Nomads Connects Travelers Looking To Explore The World Together

New Dating App For Digital Nomads Connects Travelers Looking To Explore The World Together

Fairytrail is a global dating app designed for digital nomads seeking companions to explore the world together. Each day, countless travelers turn to Fairytrail to discover exciting journeys, compatible travel companions, and in some cases, even life companions.

With the resurgence of travel, the dating app Fairytrail is dedicated to uniting adventurous digital nomads, remote professionals, and travel enthusiasts, fostering connections rooted in both love and exploration.

Numerous individuals aspire to explore the globe alongside their significant others. Picture the joy of waking up beside your beloved, dedicating mornings to exciting adventures, utilizing afternoons productively, and savoring delectable local cuisine in the evenings. It’s a lifestyle that holds immense appeal for many.

Discovering a travel companion for an extended journey through conventional dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge proves to be quite challenging since the majority of individuals either lack the inclination or the flexibility to embark on such adventures.

At the heart of Fairytrail’s enchantment is Taige Zhang, who brings with him a wealth of experience from roles at Apple and San Francisco-based unicorn startups. Being a digital nomad himself, and having firsthand experience with dating apps, Zhang possesses a deep understanding of both the challenges and potential in this space.

“It’s such a super power to be able to work from anywhere. It’s a pity not to see the world. And to do that with someone you love is the best feeling in the world,” Zhang says.

Zhang, a product manager and software engineer, has developed a dating app to bring together people who have the freedom, means, and desire to explore the world with a partner.

Digital nomad couple in Bali

While the predominant group of Fairytrail members comprises entrepreneurs, software engineers, designers, writers, marketers, and language educators, the platform has also piqued the curiosity of frequent travelers, including flight attendants, travel nurses, and management consultants.

Access to Fairytrail involves a single, upfront fee of $3, ensuring that all members undergo a vetting process focused on safety and authenticity. This approach fosters a secure and purposeful community.

Incorporating fairytale characters aligned with personality types empowers members to assess personalities through archetypes even prior to matching. As highlighted in Ms. Kunkler’s app review, “with the Fairy characters, it’s easier to match with someone who has specific traits, and therefore I already made very good connections.”

Differing from conventional dating apps, Fairytrail offers a unique “adventure matching” functionality. This feature enables members to connect based on exciting group tours and experiences, ranging from wine tours in Napa Valley to scuba diving in Bali, and even trekking the Sahara Desert—all organized through Airbnb and TripAdvisor.

This transforms a potentially anxiety-inducing first date into a relaxed, socially engaging adventure under the guidance of an experienced leader. Following an initial video call between members, they can securely reserve the adventure through Fairytrail. The platform handles payments from both parties before issuing tickets, ensuring that neither participant is responsible for covering the costs alone.

“I’m loving the app. I’ve already connected with a few people that are wonderful and great matches! For a long time, I’ve dreamed of finding a partner who shared the same case of the travel bug. Someone who wouldn’t be disappointed when hearing I wouldn’t be staying for long but would happily pack up with me to see the world,” says Maria, an early bird user.

Fairytrail is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play or visit to learn more.