Nomad Cruise Returns: The Ultimate Networking Opportunity For Digital Nomads

Nomad Cruise Returns: The Ultimate Networking Opportunity For Digital Nomads

After a three-year hiatus, the Nomad Cruise is excited to announce the next tour! Starting on May 28, the cruise will run for 7 days, starting in Savona, Italy. The cruise will round the southern end of Italy, making a few stops in Italy and Greece along the way, before concluding in Savona.

This is the first Nomad trip since Covid, and the community is excited to get back to what makes these cruises great — connections and growth. Over these seven days, you can join other remote workers and people of business. You can meet people from around the world, attend workshops and keynote sessions, network, unplug, and embrace the digital nomad lifestyle.

digital nomad cruise - group photo

This will be one the biggest conferences to date, with room for 250 nomads, and representing a great return to form after the long break. As the 11th conference in the organization’s history, you can trust that we’ll be bringing back all of the best ideas from before while expanding and offering new opportunities.

Since the first trip was planned in 2015, founder Johannes Voelkner has been bringing digital nomads together. “We call it a conference because we’re bringing amazing people together. Everything special about the nomad cruise experience is run by our members. Those with skills in remote work, or looking to join the community, will find inspiration, education, and more, all delivered by fellow nomads.” he says.

You can become a welcome newcomer to our amazing community with a life-changing trip through Italy. Visit the link to learn more and even book your trip.