Rising Digital Nomad Trend Drives High Demand For Remote Work In The U.S

Rising Digital Nomad Trend Drives High Demand For Remote Work In The U.S

More and more Americans are becoming aware of the benefits that remote work could offer. This is due to the growing range of services available to remote workers, new opportunities for employees to work remotely, and changing attitudes that prioritize experiences over material goods.

The ability to work remotely is obviously necessary for individuals who want to live a lifestyle as digital nomads. According to a study by New CivicScience, having a job that allows for complete remote work is becoming more and more important to Americans. In the workforce, 50% of respondents said that having a job that allows for full remote work is at least “somewhat important,” and 24% said it is “very important”

And while only 15% of U.S. adults in the workforce say they have a job that allows them to work from anywhere, including overseas, 26% are considering a job or career change in the next 12 months that would allow them to do so.

Airbnb or Hotel?

In the U.S., digital nomads split roughly evenly on whether they stay in hotels or vacation rentals. 46% book Airbnb or VRBO accommodations at least once a month, while 51% are more likely to book a hotel. However, American adults who work remotely as digital nomads tend to choose hotels rather than vacation rentals. remote work may be different inside and outside the United States.

So Why Do It? 

The main motivation for those who want to live and work abroad is travel and the adventure that comes with such a lifestyle. This is followed by the cost of living, which can encourage emigration, especially to countries where the dollar is more valuable.

It is important to note that only 20% of respondents indicated that moving for a job was their primary motive for moving. In fact, political motives for moving abroad are more prevalent. Therefore, the results suggest that while Americans are looking for remote work, they are primarily looking for jobs with U.S. companies that are location-flexible.