Sky Bridge 721, The World’s Longest Suspended Pedestrian Bridge, Just Opened In Czech Republic

Sky Bridge 721, The World's Longest Suspended Pedestrian Bridge

The bridge is 2,365 feet (721 meters) long and hangs 311 feet (95 meters) above a valley between two mountains, suspended by six main suspension cables and 60 wind ropes.

Construction of the Sky Bridge took about two years and cost about $8.3 million.

Some opponents are concerned that the bridge is too large and intrusive, while others fear that it will lead to overcrowding of visitors in Dolni Morava, a community of fewer than 500 people.

Officials from the Czech tourism industry, on the other hand, claim that the pedestrian bridge is intended to do just that: Attract visitors.

A maximum of 500 people will be allowed on the bridge, but in the first two weeks, when the authorities are preparing for the big rush, only half of them are allowed.

Visitors can either take a chairlift to the entrance or walk or bike the nearly 2.5-mile distance to the bridge. Bridge tickets must be purchased online in advance.

On the bridge, there will be an interactive game depicting the region’s history from 1938 to 2021. The game includes an interactive display as well as a smartphone app that allows users to watch a film narrated by a 16-year-old boy.

The entire experience, including crossing the bridge, takes about an hour and a half.


“Sky Bridge 721 is not just a structure. It is a bridge that conveys the ‘idea of time,'” according to the attraction’s website. “Crossing the bridge over the majestic valley of the Mlýnský Stream gives all visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the local countryside and history through an educational trail called ‘The Bridge of Time.'”

Check the wind conditions before heading up there.

When winds reach 84 mph, the Sky Bridge will be closed to pedestrians. However, given that category 1 hurricane-level winds start at 74 mph, we would probably play it safe and pass the bridge with winds at 70 mph.