The Secret To Finding The Coolest Vacation Rentals For Summer 2024

The Secret To Finding The Coolest Vacation Rentals For Summer 2024
Exclusive & Private Island Resort: Floral Island

Nowadays, many travelers are looking for something more than your standard run-of-the-mill chain hotel. The new trend in travel is all about unique experiences and bespoke accommodations. Unsurprisingly, aesthetic accommodations are becoming a top priority for many travelers during the age of Instagram. Unique vacation rentals like treehouses, airstreams, yurts, sailboats, cave dwellings, and fun-themed rentals are just a few options and vacationers can’t seem to get enough. It’s become a booming business—Airbnb hosts of unique rentals earned over $1 billion in 2021. According to AirDNA, which provides data and analytics on short-term rentals, unique rentals will continue to grow in popularity throughout 2024. 

In addition to the excitement of sleeping somewhere wild, tourists are interested in experiences they might not be able to have at home. Farmstays, where you can enjoy goat yoga or help out in the garden as an alternative to a more traditional vacation, are an excellent example. Whether your goal is to get up close and personal in nature or snooze in an otherworldly ambiance on a visit to your favorite city, nearly 200,000 unique short-term rental properties exist on Airbnb. The trick is finding the perfect place to delight and inspire you. Luckily, popular online marketplaces for short-term rentals have picked up on the trend and have offered some user-friendly search features to help you book the perfect unique lodging during your next vacation. If you’re looking for the best ways to find exceptional rental options, we’ve got you covered with the best tips and tricks to finding weird and wonderful lodging around the world. 

How to score the coolest vacation rentals 

The best way to ensure you’ll find the coolest vacation digs is to be flexible with your dates and destinations. If you’re open to traveling anywhere, you’re guaranteed to find some incredible places to stay, and you might stumble upon your new favorite hidden-gem vacation spot. Amazing short-term rentals can be found worldwide; many fall outside your typical tourist hot spots, so be open to traveling off the beaten path. 

Unique rentals have become so popular that Airbnb added a new “flexible destinations” feature in 2021, allowing users to search for their desired accommodation type all over the world. To access this feature, click “destinations” and select “I’m flexible.” Discovering one-of-a-kind rentals is easier than ever with Airbnb Categories. There are more than 60 categories to choose from, including treehouses, caves, houseboats, and many more. Categories are now listed at the very top of the Airbnb home page, right below the search bar. Protip – Click on the “OMG!” category for some of the most thrilling options!

Vrbo has also realized the importance of showcasing unique rentals. To find a funky and fun place to stay on Vrbo, visit On the top right of the page, click “Categories,” then select “Vacation Rentals” followed by “Unique” from the drop-down menu.

(Cover Image: Exclusive & Private Island Resort: Floral Island)