These Are 12 Spring Travel Destinations For Each Zodiac Sign Based On Astrology

These Are 12 Spring Travel Destinations For Each Zodiac Sign Based On Astrology

Spring is a great time of year to do a lot of sightseeing because there are fewer people out and about and the weather is nicer, whether you are taking a full vacation or just a long weekend.

So “why not use astrology to find the perfect destination for spring?

Aries: New Orleans, Louisiana

Springtime in New Orleans offers mild weather and endlessly exciting, festive activities, making it the ideal vacation destination for an adventurous and exciting fire sign like you, Aries. Enjoy the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (April 28 – May 7), party at the French Quarter Festival (April 13 – April 16), or take in a few days of live music and art at Bayou Boogaloo (April 13 – April 16). (May 19 – May 21).

Taurus: Kyoto, Japan

Taurus, you are a springtime person, so take advantage of the season by planning a trip abroad to Kyoto, Japan. During the spring months, an abundance of cherry blossoms transform the city into a pink flower paradise. 

Gemini: Chefchaouen, Morocco

Gemini, spring is your birthday time. Make it extra memorable this year by visiting Chefchaouen in Morocco, which is both beautiful and Instagram-worthy This small town, also known as the “Blue City” for its unusually beautiful aquamarine-colored buildings, is a great place to relax and soak in the local environment.

Cancer: Santorini, Greece

There has been a lot going on in your career sector this year, Cancer. Therefore, a quiet and relaxing spring vacation in beautiful Santorini, Greece, will do you good. Spring is a wonderful time to visit the picturesque Greek island because of mild temperatures and fewer tourists. 

Leo: Cartagena, Colombia

Spring is just a warm-up for your birthday season, Leo. That’s why Cartagena, Colombia, with its warm and lively charm, is a wonderful spring getaway for you. As a creative and outgoing fire sign, you’ll love the booming street art culture, stylish eateries and lively nightlife in the Getsemani district. 

Virgo: Sedona, Arizona

This spring is an excellent time of year to explore your spiritual side, Virgo. A trip to a magical place like Sedona, Arizona, makes for a spring break well spent. The distinctive landscape of red rocks and colorful desert flora is especially brilliant at this time of year, and a hike through this geological wonder will more than satisfy your Earth sign’s desire to experience nature. 

Libra: Kauai, Hawaii

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, so every vacation should seem a bit like a honeymoon. That’s why the enchanting Hawaiian island of Kauai is such a great place to visit in the spring. 

Scorpio: Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, nestled in a valley surrounded by Nepal’s stunning Himalayan mountains, is the ideal spring destination for a mysterious Scorpio. Spring is a beautiful time of year in Nepal’s capital, with mild weather, an abundance of blooming rhododendrons, and numerous opportunities to observe the region’s diverse wildlife.

Sagittarius: Cancun, Mexico

Cancun Has The Bigger Number of Clean Beaches in Mexico Despite Excessive Tourism

Cancun is known as a famous destination for spring break parties, which is not always a problem for an adventurous Sagittarius like you. As a Sagittarius, you need a balance between high-octane action and soulful relaxation, and Cancun will not disappoint.

Capricorn: Vancouver Island, Canada

Capricorns are known for their hard work. So this year, it’s especially appropriate to take a break from the daily grind with a leisurely and relaxing spring break. The beautiful shores of Vancouver Island provide the ideal atmosphere to really get into out-of-office mode.

Aquarius: Taormina, Sicily

Aquarians are community-oriented by nature, so you’ll fall in love with the lively local environment in Taormina, Sicily – and spring is a fantastic time to visit, thanks to mild weather and fewer visitors.

Pisces: Glacier Bay, Alaska

Connecting with the ocean is a great experience for you any time of year, Pisces. That’s why a spring trip to Glacier Bay, Alaska, is ideal for you. Spring is a great time to observe the region’s beautiful marine life, as it is feeding season for gray whales, minkes, orcas and humpback whales.