These Are The TOP 10 Spring Break Destinations For 2024, According to Travel Experts

These Are The TOP 10 Spring Break Destinations For 2024

Spring is on its way, and now is the time to start the planning process if you are hoping to get away from campus for some fun in the sun.

Here are ten destinations that are expected to top this year’s spring break travel lists!


Florida may be among the most classic spring break destinations, and experiencing at least one spring break trip to Disney World, Universal Studios, Epcot, or another exciting destination is on the bucket list of everyone from families with elementary schoolers to college students. Orlando may be the perfect choice if you are less interested in a beach destination but still looking for someplace warm to explore. 

Tulum and Los Cabos

Mexico is another popular spring break destination for those who are looking for a trip that is relatively easy to plan, and Los Cabos and Tulum top the list of Mexican cities that are likely to be among the top spring break choices this year. Tulum’s Caribbean coastline and all-inclusive resorts and the spas and local cuisine of Los Cabos make both cities optimal choices for travelers who are hoping to spend plenty of time relaxing. 


The Hawaiian Islands are among the United States’ most tropical destinations, and visiting Maui may be an excellent choice for service-minded students who enjoy spending spring break working on projects that benefit locals this year. Maui visitors can connect with several local organizations that are continuing the cleanup and rebuilding process following last summer’s wildfires. 

Puerto Rico 

As a US territory, Puerto Rico provides a passport-free travel experience that can be perfect for US citizens who may not have time to apply for or renew theirs before spring break (current processing estimates are up to eight weeks plus mailing time). Puerto Rico’s rainforests, abundance of water sports options, and resorts make it a top choice for a variety of nature lovers. 

Punta Cana 

While many spring break destinations tend to focus primarily on the preferences of college students or other specific demographic groups, Punta Cana is packed with a wider selection of activities for the entire extended family. 


Visitors to Jamaica can enjoy a wide range of local music and culture that can add a unique touch to any spring break trip. 


Japan’s fluffy pink cherry blossoms make it an excellent spring travel destination for visitors who enjoy taking advantage of its unique beauty. It is also considered to be a relatively affordable spring break destination. 


Tahiti may be a challenge for Americans to get to in the span of a typical spring break, but a little extra planning can go a long way when it comes to enjoying these tropical islands. Many of the area’s resorts also offer discounts for tourists who visit multiple islands during the same trip. This Airline offers flights to Tahiti from 4 different U.S. cities.


Many European cities may be less tropical than other top spring break destinations, but they can still be an excellent choice for travelers who are interested in something a bit more culturally enriching than another year of beaches. London, Paris, parts of Norway, and a wide range of other European regions of every size are quickly becoming more common places to visit during mild spring days. 

No matter what your favorite warm-weather activities look like, chances are one of these destinations is the perfect choice for planning a spring break trip you will never forget!