This Country Officially Renames The Street To ‘Nomad Place’ To Attract Digital Nomads

This Country Officially Renames The Street To 'Nomad Place' To Attract Digital Nomads
Credit: Victoria Atanasova

A significant milestone has been achieved in Bulgaria, marking a noteworthy development in the digital nomadism movement. In an event that redefines the convergence of tourism, remote work, and lifestyle, an official street renaming has taken place.

The Ministry of Tourism in Bulgaria, in collaboration with the municipality of Belia, proudly announced the renaming of a street in Semkovo to “Nomad Place.” The street is named after a digital nomad’s coliving space, Coliving Semkovo, located at the address “Nomad Place 1”.

Founder of Coliving Semkovo, Matthias Zeitler reacted, “I’m over the moon about Nomad Utopia becoming a reality in Semkovo with its own street name. It feels like my dream, and the dreams of many like me are coming to life. Witnessing Bulgaria embrace this vision and support a space where we can connect with nature and each other is truly special.”

Coliving Semkovo (Credit: Ivan Mushkarov)

Coliving Semkovo is located only 36 from Bansko, a small mountain ski-resort town that is already well well-established digital nomad hotspot. Semkovo Coliving aims to provide an environment where a diverse global digital nomad community can seamlessly integrate work, living, and immersion in nature, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of the majestic Rila Mountains.

This pioneering initiative underscores Bulgaria’s commitment to spearheading innovative tourism strategies and embracing this emerging trend. The official street renaming represents a substantial step forward in the evolving landscape of digital nomadism.