This European Travel Hotspot Boasts One Of The Oldest Ancient Shipwrecks

This Travel Hotspot Boasts One Of The Oldest Ancient Shipwrecks
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Halloween is on its way, and travelers who enjoy filling their fall vacations with spooky activities should consider adding a visit to Turkey to their to-do list for this fall.

The Uluburun shipwreck, which is one of the oldest known shipwrecks in the world, is located near Kas along the coast of the Mediterranean. 

This ancient shipwreck may not have been as elegant as the Titanic, but its status as one of the first known shipwrecks that have been located earns it a spot on the bucket list of anyone interested in centuries of sea lore. The Uluburun shipwreck is the remains of an early cargo ship that is believed to have sunk sometime during the 14th century BC

Uluburun shipwreck replica on land
Uluburun shipwreck replica on land

The Uluburun carried a wide range of pottery, copper, and other intriguing cargo. Like the remains of the Titanic, bits of these products that could have been sold have spread for miles and been linked to the ship after being found far from the original wreckage, and possible connections to the Uluburun are still being recovered as the ship continues to be explored. 

Uluburun shipwreck replica on land
Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum

Divers can visit the shipwreck itself, and there is also an exhibit that covers known details about its history at the nearby Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology. This exhibition ensures that all visitors to the Kas area can learn about the history of one of the area’s most famous shipwrecks, and entrance costs an affordable 20 YTL (74 cents) per person. 

The Mediterranean’s prominence as a heavy cargo trade area throughout history means that it is also home to a wide range of other shipwrecks for travelers to Turkey and nearby countries to explore.

Other frequently visited shipwreck sites off the coast of Turkey include the HMS Ajax, the SMS Breslau, the HMS Majestic, and the Serce Limani shipwreck.