This Hidden Bali Island To Be Next Prominent Tourist Hotspot In 2024

This Hidden Bali Island To Be Next Prominent Tourist Hotspot In 2024

Serangan Island in Bali is a hidden fishing village situated between Tanjung Benoa and Sanur.

The Serangan-Sakenan Bridge connects the small island to Bali’s main island, and it’s quickly becoming known as one of the island’s must-see locations. Bali Airport is only a 30-minute drive away from the island. 

Officials are investing in the fishing village’s preservation in anticipation of growing tourist interest in 2024. In an effort to promote gastronomic tourism along the shore, the Denpasar Tourism Department has officially announced that it will provide funding for the construction of 52 kiosks, or small beach shops. 

The idea is to operate Serangan Island like Jimbaran, with a focus on food and wine.

Minister Sandiaga Uno used two key terms for today’s travelers: “memorable” and “Instagrammable” to characterize his trip to Seranagan Island earlier this year. 

Serangan Island is currently gaining popularity among domestic travelers who want to see what their Minister of Tourism has been so openly praising. It was listed as one of the top 75 tourist villages in Indonesia this year.

Special Allocation Funds (DAK) have been granted to Serangan Village for the construction of the new beach cafes, as confirmed to reporters by Luh Putu Riyastiti, Head of the Denpasar Tourism Office.

Additionally, Riyastiti affirmed that training for members of the local community and those aspiring to work in the tourism sector will be made possible by the funding.

Seranagan Island has the potential to emerge as Bali’s new seafood hub because it is surrounded by some of Bali’s best fishing waters.

There is a turtle conservation center on the island as well. Leaders are hoping that this important attraction will help increase the number of visitors to the area. 

It is hoped that the turtle conservation center on Serangan Island will contribute to the establishment of sustainable tourism from the outset in the village.

Leaders in Bali have set their sights on sustainable and culturally sensitive tourism for the upcoming months and years. Visitors who are searching for a truly genuine, easygoing, and accessible Bali destination will be thrilled with Serangan Island.

The majority of the island’s lodging options are reasonably priced and run by locals. 

For numerous travelers visiting the island, the preferred lodging option is Serangan Turtle Island Homestay. Some of the best seafood in the area is served at this friendly, laid-back homestay-turned-hostel.

It is obvious that more villas, guesthouses, and hotels will spring up all over Serangan Island as it becomes more popular with tourists. 

Travelers looking for a quiet, reasonably priced place to stay in Bali might find Serangan Island to be a great choice.

It is ideally located between the opulent soft sands of Sanur and the excitement and games of Tanjung Benoa, Bali’s top water sports playground.

Organizing day excursions to Ubud, Bali’s hub of arts and culture, is convenient from Serangan Island. Alternatively, explore emerging tourist destinations like Sideman Village, easily accessible from Serangan Island as well.