This Is The Worst Performing Airline In The U.S. Ahead Of Summer 2024

This Is The Worst Performing Airline In The U.S. Ahead Of Summer 2024

According to a recent study from NerdWallet, Frontier Airlines had the most delayed flights in the United States, with more than 30.7% of its flights being delayed and 2.13% of all flights being canceled. The airline unfortunately led all other airlines in both categories and only had 66.99% of flights arrive on time. 

In terms of delayed flights, JetBlue was a close second with 30.4% of flights delayed with Spirit Airlines coming in third at 28.5% of flights. In terms of canceled flights, the order stayed the same with JetBlue in second with 2.1% and Spirit Airlines in third at 1.7%. 

The American ultra-low-cost airline operates flights to over 100 locations in the United States along with 31 international destinations. They recently announced a new nonstop flight operating three times a week from Charlotte to Miami, starting at $29.

In terms of the best airlines according to the study, Delta Air Lines had the highest on-time percentage at 82.6%. SkyWest Airlines (a Delta regional airline), had the lowest percent of delayed flights at 16.01% with Alaska Airlines having the lowest percent of canceled flights at 0.81%.

How to avoid delays. Here are some tips for your summer travel:

Book the earliest flight in the day so you are not waiting for the aircraft to arrive from another destination. 

Try your best to avoid layovers and book nonstop flights even if the airfare is a tad more expensive. 

Choose an airline that has multiple flights the day of your flight and if your flight does get booked, the airline will rebook you on their next flight at no charge. 

Look at alternate routes to get to your final destination, For example, if your flight into San Francisco (SFO) gets canceled, look at flights flying into Oakland, or other airports in the Bay Area.