This Popular European Hotspot Increased Tourist Tax Ahead Of Summer Season

This Popular European Hotspot Increased Tourist Tax Ahead Of Summer Season

Barcelona is the latest European city to increase its tourist tax in 2024, in an attempt to reduce and control overtourism, at least that’s what authorities say.

This Spanish city is a highly sought-after tourist destination due to its, renowned architecture, outstanding nightlife, and sunny beaches.

But now, depending on your accommodation type, you may end up paying some $50 extra per week’s stay, as the city raised the fee for its two tourist taxes. The city and the regional one.

Starting April 1, the city tax will set you back €3,25 per night for a maximum of 7 days. This applies to all types of accommodations.

For its part, the regional tax price is accommodation-dependent. 

This way, those staying at Airbnb-type accommodations will have to fork out “€2.75 per night; €1.70 for four-star hotels, and €3.50 for five-star hotels.”

On the other hand, cruise travelers are compelled to pay €3 if visiting for less than 12 hours or €2 if staying longer.

As a result, those booking five-star hotels or glamping will have to pay a total of €47.25 per 7-day stay.

Authorities expect to collect over €100 million in tourist taxes to invest them in infrastructure and other needs. 

These European cities/countries are charging tourists to visit their territories. Keep in mind that these fees may change depending on the season or the city you are visiting.

  • Brussels: $5, but it may be different in other cities.
  • Prague: $2.
  • France: Depending on your hotel, you should pay from $3 to $17.
  • Berlin: 5% of your accommodation price.
  • Greece:  Up to $5, depending on your accommodation price.
  • Iceland: $4 for hotels, $2 for campsites, and $7 for cruises.
  • Venice: $5.50.
  • Italy: Between $1 and $8, depending on the municipality you stay in.
  • Portugal: Around $2 per night in most of the country.
  • Amsterdam: 7% of your accommodation price plus €3 more per night.
  • Switzerland: Between $2.30 and $8, depending on the city you’re visiting.