Tulum Braces For A Massive Economic Expansion With Mayan Train And New Airport

Tulum Braces For A Massive Economic Expansion With Mayan Train and New Airport

The Tulum Municipality has intensified its efforts to modernize and prepare local businesses and facilities for the impending economic upswing. To bolster the local economy and enhance service quality, the Ministry of Economy is offering eleven free training courses across various sectors.

The Minister of Economy, Bady Helenn Gómez Soberano, disclosed that these workshops are being conducted in the Maya region until the end of November. They cover a range of topics, including leveraging Facebook platforms for business improvement, customer service, social media marketing, effective communication, local fruit jam production, and sewing skills.

Gómez Soberano emphasized that these initiatives involve a substantial investment of $342,624 Mexican pesos, aimed at accelerating the modernization of local businesses and their readiness for the economic prospects arising from the monumental projects championed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Furthermore, Gómez Soberano noted that Governor Mara Lezama and Mayor Diego Castañón have urged the Tulum community to prepare for the influx of tourists in the region over the coming months. Emphasis has been placed on providing high-quality local products and services to hotels and restaurants in the destination.

“In this regard, the municipal government is not solely focused on enhancing the city’s aesthetics but also on equipping the people of Tulum with practical tools to thrive in the forthcoming era of prosperity,” Gómez Soberano stressed.

The official reaffirmed the City Council’s commitment to supporting the local community and establishing Tulum as a world-class tourist destination.