U.S. Remote Workers Accepting More Jobs With International Companies

U.S. Remote Workers Accepting More Jobs With International Companies

If you have ever dreamed of working for an international company without making a permanent move, now may be just the right time to consider searching for a new remote role with a company that is based outside the US. 

Many workers across the United States became reluctant to head back to the office after experiencing the benefits of working from home in 2020, which has led to a drastic shift in what the typical American workforce looks like. More workers are becoming interested in seeking a permanent remote job at the same time that such positions are becoming more difficult to find, but opportunities to work for a company in another country from home are seeing very different trends. 

The number of American citizens hired by companies that are based outside the US rose by approximately 62 percent in 2023, with the vast majority of these positions being remote. Companies that are based in the UK, France, Australia, Singapore, and Canada are particularly likely to be interested in hiring American remote team members, although savvy job hunters also have more opportunities than ever to connect with even more unique opportunities across the globe. 

While approximately half of Americans working for international companies are under 35 years old and looking to bring the most innovative skills to their new employers, opportunities to explore something new in any stage of life are possible thanks to the increasing capabilities of technology. 

If you are pondering whether working for an international company without leaving the United States might be a good fit for you, there are several logistical considerations to keep in mind before accepting a job offer. Significant time zone differences, correctly avoiding having to pay taxes in both countries, potential differences in what professionalism and typical employer policies might look like in certain regions, and other details are important to thoroughly understand before getting started to avoid unintentional missteps and get the most out of your new position.