Vacation In Hawaii Expected To Be More Affordable In 2024, According To Experts

Vacation In Hawaii Expected To Be More Affordable In 2024, According To Experts

Hawaii is a state that relies heavily on tourism revenue. However, there will come a point — experts suggest sooner rather than later — when cost-cutting will be necessary to sustain this tourism.

The terrible wildfires on Maui in August played a major role in the decline in visitor numbers this year. In addition, the cost of travel to other tropical destinations, including Bora Bora, has dropped significantly, forcing Hawaii to keep up with tourism demand.

According to experts, demand and price will soon be more in line in Hawaii, resulting in far less expensive travel. Experts and travel gurus predict Hawaii will become more affordable as prices fall elsewhere.

How much money do I need for Hawaii?

Hotel Budget in Hawaii

In Hawaii, the average cost of an overnight stay for one person is $75. The average cost of a hotel room in Hawaii for two people in a standard double room is $151. This amount is based on travelers’ self-reported expenses.

Public Transportation Budget in Hawaii

In Hawaii, it is much more expensive to take a cab than to use public transportation. Previous visitors have noted that the average daily cost of local transportation in Hawaii is $15 per person.

Food Budget in Hawaii

While meal prices in Hawaii can vary, the average cost of food in Hawaii is $31 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, an average meal in Hawaii should cost about $13 per person. Breakfast tends to be slightly cheaper than lunch or dinner. Prices for food in sit-down restaurants in Hawaii are often higher than fast food or street food prices.

Entertainment Budget in Hawaii

Based on spending by previous visitors, entertainment and activities in Hawaii cost an average of $16 per person per day. This covers the cost of day trips, tickets to museums and attractions, and other expenses associated with sightseeing.

Alcohol Budget in Hawaii

In Hawaii, the typical person spends $7.91 per day on alcoholic beverages.

Water Budget in Hawaii

Hawaii residents spend an average of $5.96 per day on bottled water. In Hawaii, the public water supply is considered safe for consumption.

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