Why Did Maya Train Suspend Its Activities And How To Get A Refund?

Why Did Maya Train Suspend Its Activities And How To Get A Refund?

The transportation authority announced that the service will be suspended starting today and asked passengers to get in touch to clarify the status of their tickets.

Maya Train has announced that it will suspend its regular operations for four days starting today, nearly two weeks after its inauguration, despite tickets for all its runs being sold out before its opening.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, the transportation service unexpectedly stated that from 11:00 a.m. today until December 31, regular operations will be suspended due to the pre-opening of the new Cancun-Palenque route, scheduled for January 1.

“Important notice! Due to the opening of the new Cancun-Palenque route, Maya Train will halt regular operations on December 28 (11:00 Hours), 29, 30, and 31,” the service wrote on the social network.

What should you do if your trip on the Maya Train is canceled?

In a follow-up post, users with tickets for these dates were asked to contact via email to clarify any doubts about their trip, apologizing and thanking the users for “their understanding and patience.”

“If you purchased a ticket, please write to us at the email: [email protected] We appreciate your understanding. Because we are all Maya Train!” it added.

In a statement, the service detailed that affected users can request a refund for their tickets; however, they will also be given priority to be assigned a seat on the trips scheduled for January 2024.

For the refund of tickets purchased on these dates and for questions and clarifications, please contact the email: [email protected]. With the assurance that priority will be given to assign them spaces on the dates of the pre-opening second phase from Palenque to Cancun, if they wish.

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The notice generated complaints and criticisms from Maya Train users and internet users, who first complained about canceling trips without prior notice, as in some cases passengers went to Campeche with the aim of experiencing the transportation.

“Hey, was this already posted because we didn’t know about it and we just arrived in Campeche to board the Maya Train coming from Mexico City what can we do it’s not fair,” wrote a user.

Among the comments, there are also criticisms of the failures at the start of operations, after an internet user stated that “they can’t get it right.”

This morning, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador justified the failures at the start of operations of the Maya Train, the Isthmus Train, Mexicana de Aviación, and even the Olmeca refinery in Dos Bocas, Tabasco, stating that “very soon” the day will come when they operate punctually.

“Like everything, we are normalizing the service. The day will come, not over time, but soon, very soon, that the Maya Train will arrive on time, will leave and arrive on time and the Isthmus Train, the same; and Mexicana, the flights, the same, because we are going there,” he pointed out in La Mañanera.