Why Digital Nomads Are Flocking To This Trendy Asian Destination This Fall

Why Digital Nomads Are Flocking To This Trendy Asian Destination This Fall

Japan’s advanced infrastructure has been attracting digital nomads as tech-savvy workers are being attracted to combine work with travel throughout the country. It is not only in Japan, digital nomads are finding that the infrastructure and hosting capabilities reach beyond the capital to cities and towns across the country.

Along with the sophisticated infrastructure, digital nomads are especially attracted to Japan due to its cultural and historical attractions, vibrant cities and low crime rate. Nomads looking to live and work in Japan will be afforded numerous basic amenities and be immersed in a lifestyle that is inclusive, a culture that values freedom and respects individuality.

As such, the welcoming country of Japan has been investing in increasing co-working spaces to attract tech-savvy workers around the world. Alas, while there is no data showing the exact number of nomads, the country has appealed to a new generation of digital nomads who mostly choose Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Okinawa to live and work. 

Two other locations that attract interest for nomads include Fukuoka and the town of Shimoda. Fukuoka is especially attractive as it is close to other parts of Asia, while Shimoda on the Izu Peninsula offers great travel connections to Tokyo. 

Another factor that has accelerated nomad interest is the weakening of the yen, meaning that foreigners can live and work more cheaply. The red tape for foreigners has also been less restrictive while there has been a boom of short-term rental listings.

The government’s “New Era Inbound Expansion Action Plan” campaign which launched in May aims to organize a system for digital nomad visas. Along with a national plan, cities like Fukoka are introducing local initiatives to attract digital nomads.

In October, Fukoka is hosting the month-long Colive Fukuoka showcase of its attractions which add to the city’s fame as a strong business hub while offering diverse culinary and entertainment scenes.