You Can Book A Place On Princess Cruises With Only A $1 Deposit

You Can Book A Place On Princess Cruises With Only A $1 Deposit

Who said you can’t get anything for $1 these days? Well for a limited time Princess Cruises is making cruisers’ dreams a reality with a simple $1 deposit.

No this is no fluke, guests now have the opportunity to book a place on one of their cruises with just a $1 deposit. You now are able to secure a place on one of America’s most well-known cruise lines to a worldwide destination of your choice, for a buck. 

Cruisers must be quick to act on this offer as the promotion is running only from June 30 to July 5. To add on to this offer, Princess Cruises is also running summer discounts which will allow passengers to save up to 40% on cruises for 2022 and up to 25% off sailings set to depart in 2023.

While this sounds like an offer too good to be true and that this is some sort of gimmick, Princess Cruises assures there is no red tape for this offer. Instead of prior upfront payments of at least $100 and up to $800, travelers who decide to use this option will only have to pay the remainder of the balance 90 days before you are due to set sail.

Princess Cruises upperdeck

Prices of cruises vary depending on where the ship is sailing to and from destinations around the world, including the likes of: Alaska, Asia, Australia, Canada, Caribbean, Europe and many more locations. They offer up to 170 different itineraries within their schedule with durations lasting as three days all the way up to 111 days in duration. 

This offer is applicable only to residents who are at least 21 years of age located in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Bermuda. The only last stipulation is that the $1 deposit is good for cruises that have a sailing duration of up to 55 days.