10 Best Places To Visit In Indiana State This Winter

10 Best Places To Visit In Indiana State This Winter

Did your travel cravings kick in just now, and you’re unsure where to go this winter? How about Indiana? Even though this hidden gem might not be as famous for tourism as other states, it offers so much to do both inside and outside.

We’ve hand-picked the best places to skate, hike, ski, or get dazzled by city lights in Indiana. So start packing your boots and mittens. We’re sure you’ll find your next dream destination on this list.

Snowy Red Barn

During winter, a visit to Morgan County’s old red barn, accompanied by a silo and basketball hoop, offers a peaceful experience. Standing in a snowy field at sundown, the barn provides a simple yet striking image of rural life. This scene reflects the quiet and modest beauty of Indiana’s agricultural landscape in the winter months.

Giant Icing at McCormick’s Creek State Park

At Indiana’s McCormick’s Creek State Park, the winter months transform the landscape as giant icicles form on the cliffs, extending from the overhangs down to the canyon floor. This natural spectacle creates a striking visual contrast in the park, highlighting the serene beauty of the season in this tranquil natural setting.

Paoli Peaks

Indiana is known for cold and snowy winters, which makes it the perfect destination for skiing and snowboarding. 

Set on a natural hill and with 17 slopes to pick from, Paoli Peaks is one of the state’s most popular skiing resorts. The terrain isn’t difficult, so it’s suitable for beginners too. Other activities you can engage in include snow tubing and sledding.

You can either take a day trip or stay overnight – there are plenty of lodging, dining, and shopping options at Paoli Peaks. On top of that, ski passes are pretty affordable, so you won’t break the bank even if you’re bringing your friends or family.

Central Park Plaza, Valparaiso

Do you prefer ice skating over skiing? One of the best rinks can be found in Central Park Plaza, Valparaiso. 

Skate with your loved ones or play ice hockey. If you’re planning to stay in the area for a while, you can also take a few ice skating lessons. They’re open to all levels and can be purchased as a package of 6 sessions.

It’s open every day of the week until March 10. On top of that, ice skaters can enjoy themed events with music and lights during selected nights, such as Rock N’ Skate.

Pokagon State Park

For a unique winter adventure, head to Pokagon State Park. It’s located about three hours from Indianapolis but well worth the drive for one good reason. It boasts a 1,780-foot long and 90-foot tall refrigerated toboggan run.

It operates with and without snow and is one of the fastest toboggan racks in the whole of the U.S. Not into speedy downhill rides? Don’t worry. At Pokagon State Park, you can also enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or ice fishing (a permit is necessary). 


If you like the buzz of the city, then Indianapolis is a must. In winter, the streets are usually frosty and covered in snow, yet, they never sleep.

Grab a drink in one of its numerous bars, check out the famous Winterlights (on until January 7), or take your family to experience the true wonders of WinterFaire at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

As in any big city, there are a couple of great ice skating rinks, too. Drop by at Holliday Park Ice Rink, Elevance Health Rink, or both, if you like. On the other hand, Eagle Creek Park is an excellent spot for some cross-country skiing.


Are you rather looking for something cozier? Shipshewana is a charming town in Northern Indiana that offers a unique getaway, especially in winter. And as an Amish enclave, it will remind you of the good old times.

Ride the antique carousel at Davis Mercantile, shop for handmade furniture and jewelry around local shops or at Shipshewana Flea Market, or enjoy a tasty Amish dish. To learn more about the region’s community, you can also visit Menno-Hof Museum.

Upper Cataract Falls

In the heart of Lieber State Recreation Area near Cloverdale, Indiana, the Upper Cataract Falls presents a stunning winter scene as it freezes over, creating a captivating natural ice sculpture. Just upstream, a historic red-covered bridge gracefully spans the creek, adding a picturesque charm to this serene winter landscape. This unique combination of natural beauty and historic architecture makes the area a noteworthy destination for visitors seeking the tranquility of Indiana’s winter scenery.


Another fantastic option is Madison. Tucked on the banks of the Ohio River at the border with Kentucky, it’s an unusual mix of the chilly Midwest and Southern hospitality.

Have a glass of vino in one of its award-winning wineries or a pint of craft beer in a local brewery. In fact, Madison is home to the oldest standing brewery building in the state – the Greiner Brewery. If you’re a beer fan, it’s a must-see.

Other popular attractions in Madison include museums, galleries, and live music venues. For some outdoor activities, you can stop by Clifty Falls State Park.

Perfect North Slopes

The name speaks for itself. This skiing resort is not to be messed with. So if you find yourself in southeastern Indiana, this is the place to set your ski in.

You can look forward to 23 trails suitable for both beginners and pros. On the other hand, your little ones will appreciate the 5 magic carpets. There are also three terrain parks and a snow tubing run. Perfect North Slopes is simply ideal for exciting family fun.