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Digital Nomad Jobs: Where and How To Get Them in 2024

Finding a digital nomad job you can do from anywhere might seem impossible to some people.

Maybe you think that only the  “chosen ones” get to work while enjoying life in all those amazing digital nomad destinations.

However, if you are determined and know where to look for remote jobs, it’s feasible and even surprisingly easy for some people.

The list of professions that can be done remotely and therefore are compatible with the digital nomad lifestyle is getting bigger and bigger every year, which is a definite advantage for everyone who wants to try it out.

We will introduce you to great websites that will help you find a remote job and become a digital nomad but before that, we’ll get to the specific professions that don’t put an anchor on you and allow you to travel.

Can’t figure out what to do remotely while living like a true digital nomad? Hopefully, the next section of this article will help you find something that you are good at, enjoy doing, and can do remotely.


Copywriting is the act of writing texts for the purpose of marketing and advertising. As you can imagine, a freelance copywriter can communicate with clients online and therefore work basically from anywhere, as long there is an active Internet connection. And that’s true for all of the professions we list here.

If you think you can write well, be sure to try it out. And if you don’t want to create only marketing texts, feel free to branch out of copywriting to general writing that can cover an endless spectrum of topics and styles, as long as you find the right customers.

Great platforms to start freelance writing gigs:

Luka Trček – Email Marketing Copywriter

Luka Trcek - Digital Nomad

Making money on Upwork as a copywriter is easy. All it takes is to have a 5% better profile and proposals than your competitors. That’s how I got my first job. Now I am making more than $1500 per week thanks to this. If I can do it, you can do it too!

Virtual Assistant – Best Job for Beginners!

digital nomad jobs - virtual assistant

Who is a virtual assistant? It’s a person who does various small tasks for a company or another person. Just like a personal assistant, but done remotely, from the comfort of your home or basically from anywhere else.

Best websites to score a virtual assistant job

Taking Online Surveys

(Only US, CAD, AUS)

One of the digital nomad jobs for beginners! On websites, such as you can get paid for sharing your opinions and testing various products or projects to help brands with their customer research.

All you need is to register and build-up your profile! Once it’s done, you are going to start receiving surveys that match your knowledge, hobbies, or products & services you usually use.

There are almost no requirements for this job and the starting cost is almost zero, you can probably do this even on your smartphone. You can combine this with some writing job above in order to get some sort of full-time income.

Social Media Manager

Big companies have their own social media managers or hire online marketing agencies to manage their social media.

However, smaller companies often hire freelance social media managers that take care of their accounts and help them grow.

Social media manager takes care of a lot of stuff

  • Designing a social media strategy
  • Creating new posts and ideas
  • Creating graphics and infographics or outsourcing them to illustrators
  • Analyzing the success of past posts to determine which of them works best
  • Reacting to comments and messages to keep a good relationship with the followers

Can you imagine yourself doing that?

Christa Romano – Social Media Manager & Digital Marketer

I’ve been living as a digital nomad for the past six years, working as a digital marketer and social media manager all while traveling to nearly 60 countries! For the large majority of my experience as a digital nomad, I’ve been full-time employed by tech companies. I’m now adding to my resume my freelance coaching business, where I work with people 101 to help them achieve location-independent careers in a way that works best for them. Sometimes my clients end up getting hired for a remote job, but oftentimes they also decide to freelance their skills or start a new online business.

E-commerce Business

E-commerce is still growing worldwide and online markets bring constantly new opportunities. You can run a shop on Amazon, your own dropshipping store or import goods and sell in your local store.

Starting an e-commerce business requires an investment and a lot of effort in the beginning but if you play your cards right or you come up with some good product ideas, you can make a ton of money.

Here are some of the best articles on how to start

Eroslav Georgief – E-commerce Specialist & Growthhacker

eroslav - digital nomad

E-commerce is tough to crack as a total newbie, but as you get better you learn how to make money that allows you to live on your own terms. It’s very satisfying bringing products to market and getting sales while adding value to the lives of people. You can start with lower financial investment through dropshipping, but for a longer-term strategy, you should build your own brand.

Video Production or Video Editing

Video jobs are booming nowadays and there is a huge demand for video editors or producers.

If video is something you might be passionate about, try creating simple movies from your travels, get familiar with cutting, and adding some effects.

To start, all you need is to get some video creating software where you can practice and slowly start mastering your skills. You can take on simple jobs and tasks for people they need to cut and put together their recordings.

The most popular software options for creating videos are

  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • iMovie

Best platforms to score video editing gigs

Syra Adinda – Video Producer

syra adinda - video producer - digital nomad

I skipped the whole “company employee” experience and went straight to location independent freelancer as a Video Editor. I realized how fortunate I am as a young female Indonesian to use my knowledge and skill to work with people globally and independently. So, I decided to support my own local Indonesians by building an Indonesia based Video Production Company called Zabenno. The idea was to give opportunities for Indonesians to work as a professional content creator with global clients, while still having the freedom to be traveling or location independent.

Affiliate Marketing

This is technically not a job, but it’s something that can make you location-independent.

Start your own website or blog and promote other people’s products or services that you believe in. You will receive a percentage of sales made to people that came to their websites through your affiliate link.

As this is basically a business, it will take some time for you to achieve the income necessary for you to become a digital nomad, but it can eventually give you the location independence you want.

TIP: Check out one of the biggest affiliate networks or become an affiliate with amazon. Here is our latest & most profitable amazon affiliate comparison post about portable generators for RVs.

PPC Specialist (Paid Advertising)

A PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Specialist is a digital marketing professional responsible for managing and optimizing online advertising campaigns on search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) or social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) Their primary goal is to drive traffic to websites or landing pages while ensuring efficient spending. Here are some key aspects of this role:

  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign Setup
  • Ad Creation4
  • Bid Management
  • Monitoring and Optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Budget Management
  • Reporting

Have a look on this video on how to get PPC jobs

Teaching Languages

jobs you can do from anywhere - online teaching

GOOD NEWS, if you are a native speaker of English, German or Spanish, you can start now but for lower rates! In some of the countries in South America or South East Asia, you can get a job in private school and do “conversation” classes.

You can get certified (with TEFL for example) and up your game and teach in Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, and make way more money.

The same applies if you would like to score a LANGUAGE TEACHING job in another language which is not your native language, you need to get certified.

It’s not really a remote job but IT CAN BE!  You can run online classes via Skype with clients from all around the world. This is a very common way to “earn” digital nomad freedom for English, German or Spanish speakers.

Here are some pages to look for “online” language teaching jobs

Daniel Welsch – Blogger / English Teacher from the USA living in Spain

I became an English teacher when I moved to Madrid, Spain in my early 20s. The demand for language teachers is high in many countries, and salaries can be good compared to the local cost of living. But more than anything, teaching is a lot of fun! I spent several years giving lessons to professionals in a variety of companies and government organizations, as well as language schools. It was a great way for me to make a living abroad. These days, it’s becoming more and more common to teach on Skype, which means you can even do it remotely, eliminating the transport from class to class.


A translator is a great freelance job that you can do from anywhere if you know multiple languages really well.

Translating is regulated in some countries, so you might have to have the necessary education to do it legally, but in many countries basically, anyone can translate, as long as they manage to find their customers. And translating can definitely be done remotely.

Best websites to find translations jobs

Check out the full guide on finding translations jobs.

Illustrating and Graphics Design

Have you always been good at drawing? Maybe it’s time to turn your skill (and passion) into a career.

Become a freelance illustrator or graphic designer. Use social media to promote your work or previous drawings and you might find some commissioned work that will mark the beginning of your freelance career.

TIP: Consider also creating and selling graphic products on websites like Creative Market or Graphic River.

Graphic design is a bit more general than illustrating, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good digital nomad job. On the contrary, there is a huge number of people who do it remotely.

Dorottya Szőke – Graphic Designer

I started my career as a graphic designer in London. Six months ago I made a deal with my boss and made a decision to work remotely in Europe with the same social impact startup I’ve been working for more than a year. I work on projects that span the globe, focusing on Africa and Asia, meaning I am really flexible in my ways of working and adapting to different cultures. I think to grow as a digital nomad, you have to embody this attitude. I’m always looking at ways to grow my skills which means in my spare time I work on freelance projects, undertake UI courses and take on passion projects.


Programmers can work remotely too and in fact being a programmer is one of the best-paid remote jobs! Countless remote programming jobs are opening every day.

There are even websites dedicated specifically to remote programming jobs. If you are a programmer or want to become one, it’s a great opportunity to become location-independent.

TIP: one of the best paying programming jobs you can find at

Voice Acting (Voice over, voice ads, video productions)


If you thought that voice acting was only reserved for well-known actors paid to bring a Disney character to life, you would be surprised to discover just how much more there is to this job.

Voice actors are needed all across the process of producing content. And luckily for people interested in this kind of job, it does not necessarily require formal training or a specific location! 

Best websites to find voice acting or voice-over jobs

Building Websites

building websites - digital nomad job

Building websites is one of the most common nomad jobs for 2 reasons. It doesn’t necessarily require meeting clients and it’s quite easy to learn.

Most people think that to build a website, you need coding skills! Well, that’s not true, at least not for nearly 15 years. In fact, you can build professional-looking websites for clients with zero coding skills.

There are many tools (website builders) or so-called, content management systems (CMS) with pre-designed templates that can be used easily. These skills can be learned within a few weeks and your digital nomad career as a web designer can begin.

The most popular tools or CMS for building websites are

  • WordPress, Joomla – for standard websites
  • Magento, Prestashop – for e-commerce (online stores)
  • Shopify, Bigcommerce – website builders for e-commerce
  • WIX, Squarespace – popular website builders

These are very popular platforms and tools that are used worldwide. Once you learn at least one of them, your options for scoring a digital nomad job will open up.

We also recommend checking out Udemy’s web design courses, where you can learn the basic trends and tools that can help you get started.

Best websites to score “building websites” gigs

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Post on your social media – let your social online circles know what you do
  • Word of mouth – once you build a few good-looking websites, the work will keep coming in. If you build solid relationships with your clients, they will recommend you.

Richárd Majsair – Digital Marketer & Business Mentor

richard majsai - digital nomad - freelancer

I’ve been freelancing for the past five years, working as a social media manager and world press website guru. I started my online career working in a coworking office and completing projects on Upwork, which lead to well established online visibility. I traveled to more than 30+ countries working online and having 3-6 clients at the same time. I worked with clients like Coca Cola, Xiaomi, and other multinational companies, and also small and middle-sized companies. In the past 2 years, I started to build my Freelancer collective/agency, where we share work with other freelancers. Besides that, I published my book and have also helped as a digital marketing consultant.

Data Entry Jobs – Ideal for Beginners

Data entry is definitely worth giving a shot if you really want your digital nomad job as soon as possible. This type of job doesn’t require expertise or any extra education and there is also zero starting cost.

Usually, it’s pretty simple and manual work that can’t be automated. It might not be the most fun but it’s a great way to start. All you need is to make a good playlist and enjoy some nice music (or even audiobook) while moving data around.

These jobs mostly require entering data into sheets, databases or websites for various projects in e-commerce, marketing companies or corporations with many customers.

It won’t make you rich but it’s definitely one of the best digital nomad jobs for beginners to start with!


Are you great at writing but don’t want to write for other people? Write for yourself!

Create a blog and write about stuff you care about. Who knows, it might become a career one day, making you able to become a digital nomad. You can blog from anywhere, can’t you?

If you would like to start a niche/lifestyle blog, check out this post by

TIP: We recommend an article about starting a blog by Matthew Woodward, one of the most successful bloggers/affiliate marketers.

Website Tester

A website tester makes sure that websites run smoothly and are customer-friendly before (and after) they are launched. It is more cost-effective to pay for a tester than to fix numerous complaints and deal with bad reviews on top of that.

There is nothing worse for a company than to pay thousands of dollars to have a website that in the end doesn’t meet their customers needs. 

If you have programming skills and can easily spot little discrepancies here and there, this job will definitely suit you. It is a lot easier than designing a website or creating content, you just need to make sure that the website or app does what it is supposed to do.

Best website to find web testing jobs

How to find digital nomad jobs (Platforms, best tips)

Suggested: Consider checking our full post with best remote jobs sites!


FlexJobs is a renowned online platform catering to those seeking flexible employment opportunities, including remote and digital nomad jobs. It offers a curated list of vetted job postings across various industries, ensuring a scam-free experience for job seekers.

To successfully secure a digital nomad job via FlexJobs, it is advisable to:

  • create a comprehensive profile showcasing relevant skills and experience.
  • regularly updating the profile and actively engaging with new postings can increase visibility to potential employers.
  • leveraging the platform’s resources, like career coaching or resume review services, can provide an edge in the competitive digital nomad job market.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a leading online platform dedicated to remote job opportunities, catering to a global audience of professionals seeking work-from-home roles.

To enhance your chances of securing a job through We Work Remotely, consider the following tips:

  • Optimize Your Profile: Ensure your profile is comprehensive and up-to-date, highlighting relevant skills and experience that align with remote work.
  • Tailor Your Applications: Customize your applications and cover letters to match the specific requirements of each job. Highlight your remote working skills and any previous experience in this area.
  • Stay Active and Alert: Regularly check for new postings. Being among the first to apply can be advantageous as some employers may begin the interview process before the application deadline.
  • Utilize Platform Tools: Make the most of any additional resources offered by We Work Remotely, such as webinars, blogs, or community forums, to stay informed about best practices in remote work and job searching.
  • Network with Other Remote Professionals: Engage with the community on the platform. Networking can often lead to job opportunities that may not be advertised widely.

upwork - find digital nomad jobs

Upwork is one of the most well-known websites of its kind. It connects businesses to freelancers that do all sorts of work for them.

Here are a few tips on how secure a digital nomad job/remote work gigs on Upwork:

  • Create a Compelling Profile: Your profile should be thorough and professional, highlighting your skills, experience, and portfolio.
  • Specialize in a Niche: Specializing in a specific niche can make you more attractive to certain clients. Being an expert in a particular field often trumps being a jack of all trades.
  • Craft Personalized Proposals: Avoid generic proposals. Tailor each proposal to the specific project, addressing the client’s needs and how you plan to meet them. Show that you’ve read and understood the project requirements.
  • Start with Competitive Rates: When you’re starting, you may need to set lower rates to build your reputation.
  • Gather Positive Reviews: Deliver quality work and exceed client expectations to earn positive feedback. High ratings and good reviews enhance your credibility and attractiveness to future clients.
  • Communicate Effectively: Prompt and clear communication is key. Respond quickly to potential clients and maintain professional communication throughout the project.

Hubstaff is a time-tracking solution with all sorts of features for teams and companies. However, at you can find a website called Hubstaff Talent, which functions as a marketplace for people looking for a job or looking to hire.

Remote OK, as its slogan clearly states, is for finding a job you can do anywhere.

It’s made by, one of the most well-known digital nomad websites that might help you find the best destination for your next digital nomad “trip”.

If you don’t only want to do any work that comes your way, but you want to work for interesting and innovative companies, Jobspresso is just for you. It makes sure that only top-quality positions from great companies are displayed.

Social media

Social media is a great tool when looking for a remote job. There are countless Facebook groups focused on the digital nomad lifestyle, remote work or even in specific fields.

Use the digital nomad groups for inspiration and the other two types of groups to look for a job you might be good at.

TIP: Check out Global Digital Nomad Network (60k members)


  • Airbnb Rental Business aka. Remote Landlord
  • Tech Support Specialist
  • – Submitting Name for Companies
  • Cryptocurrency Daily Trading – TRENDING
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Transcribing – Great for Beginners!
  • Podcast Management
  • Email marketing specialist
  • Executive Assistant
  • Inside Sales Representative
  • Medical Record Transcriptionist
  • Search Engine Evaluator
  • Tour Guide

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