10 Remote Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere That Pay $100K+ A Year

10 Remote Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere That Pay $100K+ A Year

About one-third of Americans do their jobs remotely, according to a Pew Research study. The number of remote workers continues to increase. 

Fortunately, workers don’t have to sacrifice salaries to work from home. Many high-paying jobs across several disciplines are eligible for remote work.

Here are ten jobs that are likely remote and pay more than $100,000.

1. Quantitative Researcher

A quantitative researcher undertakes market research and analyzes the data so senior executives can make good decisions. Education requirements are typically a degree in economics, mathematics, and statistics. 

The annual salary is about $175,000.

2. Technology Manager

A technical manager troubleshoots issues with hardware and software, manages technical projects, and supervises a technical team. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in information science or IT is often required.

The salary is about $160,000 a year.

3. Technical Program Manager

A technical program manager oversees the company’s technology and may implement new systems or products. They may also supervise a team. 

A bachelor’s degree in business or a technical field is usually a requirement. The annual salary is about $160,000.

4. Infrastructure or Database Architect

An infrastructure architect develops the company’s computer system and reviews code for issues. They also troubleshoot possible problems and may train others. 

A database architect performs the same function for the company’s database.

Most companies require a bachelor’s or graduate degree in engineering, computer science, or IT. The salary is about $150,000 annually.

5. Director of Healthcare Systems Partnerships

Directors of healthcare system partnerships identify, cultivate, and oversee strategic collaborations and partnerships for healthcare organizations. They also develop matrices to evaluate the effectiveness of the partnerships.

Most have a bachelor’s or manager’s degree in healthcare or business management and several years of experience. The salary for well-qualified directors is about $140,000 a year.

6. Senior Content Marketing Manager

Senior content marketing managers are responsible for all the company’s content across various media. They are involved in strategy and content creation and often supervise a team.

Senior content marketing managers often have undergraduate or graduate marketing, communications, or English degrees. The salary is about $130,000 a year.

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7. Human Resources Compensation Manager

Human resources compensation managers plan, develop, and implement organizational compensation programs. They also develop policies for salary increases that align with company goals and ensure compensation meets legal and regulatory requirements.

Human resources compensation managers also occasionally manage staff. The position typically requires a bachelor’s degree in business or human resources and experience in lower-level human resources jobs. 

Compensation is about $130,000 annually. 

8. Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

A financial planning and analysis manager oversees the budget process, makes forecasts using historical data, and presents financial reports to senior executives for decision-making. They also sometimes lead digital transformation efforts in the finance department.

Typical education requirements are a degree in accounting and CPA or ACCA designation. Salaries are about $120,000 annually.

9. Growth Marketing Manager

Growth marketing managers create and manage marketing campaigns that drive growth. Their campaigns involve every aspect of the customer’s journey.

Most growth marketing managers have a degree in marketing or communications. They also have considerable experience. The salary is about $110,000 annually.

10. Payroll and Tax Specialist

A payroll and tax specialist ensures that employer and employee tax reports are correct, calculates tax deductions, and monitors payroll compliance. They also monitor relevant changes in tax laws.

Those who receive six-figure pay have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a CPA or CMA status. With this level of education, the average salary is about $110,000 a year.