This New 2-Hour Cable Car Ride Is The First To Enable Travel Between Two Countries

This New 2-Hour Cable Car Ride Is The First To Enable Travel Between Two Countries

The Matterhorn Alpine is the highest cable car crossing in Europe that ascends to a height of approximately 4000 meters. The revolutionary cable car will make it possible for people to travel from Switzerland to Italy in only two hours.

The three-string cable car will significantly reduce the time it takes to travel from Matterhorn Village Zermatt, Switzerland to Breuil-Cervinia, Italy. Operations have already begun in the Testa Grigia station, where travelers can place one foot in Switzerland and the other in Italy.

Previously, traveling to the Italian town of Cervinia was only possible via skiing, which was difficult for those who didn’t have a lot of skiing experience. The cable car will make the Italian town accessible to visitors by providing them with convenience as they enjoy the scenic views the area has to offer.

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The cable car will make the Valle d’Aosta area accessible to visitors, who can use it to explore what the region has to offer. It will also allow tourists and visitors to engage in activities like golfing, hiking, biking and riding which are popular in the Valle d’Aosta region.

In gondola, 35 luxury cabins have been built as a result of the newly established cable car. The cabins are perfect for tourists looking to explore the mountainous region and enjoy the scenic views.

Beginners looking to engage in winter sports will be able to book instructors or hire equipment from The Plateau Rosa SnowXperience which is set to be opened in the Theodul Glacier. This will provide tourists and visitors with an opportunity to engage in a range of activities when they board the Matterhorn Alpine cable car.

The rides will halt at nine spots; five will be in Switzerland and four in Italy. Travelers can purchase a one-way ticket, but they will have an option of beginning their journey either from Zermatt, Switzerland or from Cervinia, Italy.