5 Best Swimmable Beaches In Los Cabos In Spring 2024

5 Best Swimmable Beaches in Los Cabos In Spring 2024

The resort city on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula is an extremely popular Spring Break destination due to its beautiful beaches, water-based activities and vibrant nightlife. However many visitors don’t realize that although the beaches are picturesque, many of the beaches in Los Cabos are not suitable for swimming.

Because of the Sea of Cortez strong waves and some powerful undercurrent, many of Cabo’s beaches are off-limits to swimmers. But if you are looking for a calm beach with water mild enough for swimmers, here are some of the best swimmable beaches in Los Cabos. 

Medano Beach

Considered the main touristy swimming beach in the area, the beach is full of restaurants, vendors, beach lounge rentals and most importantly calm waters to swim in. The area is home to many beach clubs where water sports equipment can also be rented. 

Chileno Beach

Located in the hotel zone, this beach is a favorite among locals as it is more of a low-key spot. The calm bay is good for snorkeling and swimming and offers amenities such as palapas, portable restrooms and a nearby restaurant. Easily accessible by bus or cab, snorkelers can spot lobsters, sea urchins and even stingrays in the waters. 

Palmilla Beach 

This quieter spot is a tad tricky to get to, but its crescent-shaped shore is certainly worth the effort. With plenty of snorkeling and swimming opportunities, the beach offers a few palapas for shade along with rental umbrellas and a few vendors. But due to its remote location, make sure to pack a picnic or a meal as there are no restaurants nearby.

Santa Maria Beach

Probably the most famed snorkeling spot in Los Cabos, the waters below are full of coral reefs to explore. The calm waters are good for swimmers too, but this beach becomes crowded due to its popularity and the fact that tour companies dock there for snorkeling excursions. 

Cannery Beaches

Comprised of Coral Negro and Balconcito, Coral Negro and Balconcito arguably may be the best in Los Cabos. Located just outside the marina before you reach Land’s End, this beach features massive boulders along with calm waters. Some visitors use it as a place to snorkel, but it isn’t the best spot, as this beach is great for a day to relax and take a dip in the water.

3 important safety warnings as the waters can be dangerous

  • Take warning flags seriously, do not enter the water when you see a black or red flag
  • When there is stormy weather, it is best to not enter the water
  • If waves break on the beach, this causes a dangerous undertow