Is Guadeloupe Island Safe To Visit? Travel Advisory 2024

Is Guadeloupe Island Safe To Visit? Travel Advisory 2024

Guadeloupe is a collection of five breathtaking French-speaking islands and islets known for their impressive volcano views, enjoyable hot springs and rich Creole culture.

This butterfly-shaped Caribbean archipelago ranks as one of the safest places on Earth. 

Unlike other Lesser Antilles islands, Guadeloupe hasn’t yet been overrun by tourists.

Don’t think twice and come visit the wonders that comprise this French Overseas Territory. Each one of them has a unique allure that makes them the perfect destination for sun lovers and foodies. 

LATEST NEWS from Guadeloupe: 

March 29: Guadeloupe, the Breathtaking Caribbean Archipelago Where Death in Paradise is Shot

Broadcast on BBC One in the UK, Death in Paradise is a famous British–French crime comedy drama filmed in the stunning landscapes of Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles.

These are some of the filming locations where the series takes place.

True fans should visit Deshaies, a fascinating fishing town where the fictional “St. Honoré” is located. 

Scenes at Catherine Bordey’s beachfront bar were shot at Le Madras, a Creole restaurant on Rue de La Vague Bleue promenade. 

Each season, the home of British detective Neville Parker is built on Anse de la Perle Beach and the Langley Fort Royal Hotel.

The TV series has enjoyed favorable reviews and a large viewership since its debut. It has led to multiple renewals.

Crime Statistics in Guadeloupe 

With 45.83 points, crime in Guadeloupe is considered “Moderate.” Here are some other important safety statistics of the islands, according to Numbeo.

Crime level45.83Moderate
Rise in crime in the last 3 years70.00High
Home invasions and things stolen35.00Low
Concerns about being mugged or robbed40.00Moderate
Concerns about getting your car stolen40.00Moderate
Worries about getting your belongings stolen from your car40.00Moderate
Worries of being attacked35.00Low
Worries of being insulted20.83Low
Worries of being physically attacked due to skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion25.00Low
Problems with drug addicts or drug dealers50.00Moderate
Vandalism and theft29.17Low
Violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery45.00Moderate

Areas to Avoid

Guadeloupe is a very safe place to explore. The only area in which you might want to be aware of your surroundings is Pointe-a-Pitre, but only at night. 

Official Travel Advisories 

US Travel Advisory

The US government ranks Guadeloupe at Level 1 “exercise normal precautions,” meaning the archipelago is extremely safe to visit.

Register in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) for the government to assist you in case you have any issues.

Canada Travel Advisory

There’ve been concerns regarding gang-related activities in recent years. This phenomenon mostly affects locals. Instead, tourists can be victims of pretty crime but even that is very rare, says the Canadian government.

Be careful when using credit cards and ATMs, as fraud can occur.

Safety Tips for Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe police are responsive and helpful. But it doesn’t hurt to follow some basic safety recommendations to enjoy a better trip.

  • Once in a while, the archipelago experiences “cyclones, tropical storms, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.” Keep yourself updated on weather conditions.
  • Hire experienced guides if you want to engage in hiking and never venture off marked trails.
  • Don’t rely on public transport punctuality if you have appointments to get to.
  • Local currency is Euro. Keep in mind that products can be way more expensive than in mainland France, especially during the high season.
  • Water shortages can happen after storms. Make sure to store some bottles. 
  • Most locals don’t speak English or prefer to be addressed in other languages rather than English. So it’s a good idea to try to learn some useful French sentences.