6 Most Charming Towns in New York State to Enjoy Christmas Vibes

6 Most Charming Towns in New York State to Enjoy Christmas Vibes

Yes, we’re in November, but the holiday season we have all been waiting for has officially begun. You might have heard a Christmas song or two on the radio or at a shopping mall. And many public spaces already boast beautiful decorations.

New York City is known to have stunning Christmas displays. But there is much more than the tree at Rockefeller Center or the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights.

You came to the right place if you’re looking for something less pretentious. Many smaller towns in New York State put on some amazing Christmas celebrations. And we will tell you about the 6 best of them.

Santa’s Workshop in the North Pole

With a name like this, Santa’s Workshop in the North Pole in the Adirondacks simply can’t be missed on our list. It’s the oldest theme park in the country and features classic rides, shops to buy some cute presents, and an authentic Christmas village.

The best time to visit it is during the Yuletide Family Weekends when you can expect plenty of activities and gifts for small children from Santa and his helpers. 

Adventure in Lake Placid

If you’re as adventurous as we are, there is no better place to visit during the holiday season than Lake Placid. Surrounded by snow-topped mountains, you can pick up ice skating in Mirror Lake, dog sledding, or ride a zippy toboggan chute. At the nearby Mount Van Hoevenberg, you can try cross-country skiing.

Lake Placid is also a great choice for lovebirds. There are plenty of cozy cafés and restaurants as well as romantic inns to enjoy each other and indulge.

East Aurora and its 50th-Anniversary Celebrations

If you’re from Buffalo or happen to be around, make sure you visit East Aurora this year. This small town has a long tradition of Christmas celebrations and is most famous for the annual Christmas Carolcade – an event when the whole town gathers together and sings carols to remember what Christmas is really about. This year’s Carolcade will be very special as it will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Another thing that makes this quaint town the perfect holiday destination is its old-fashioned architecture and charming Christmas light displays. You can just take a walk and absorb the festive atmosphere.

Dickensian Christmas at Skaneateles

Skaneateles near Rochester has a unique Christmas tradition – the popular Dickens Christmas celebrations. The event takes place every weekend from the 24th of November on and offers plenty of activities to enjoy.

See a performance of the renowned A Christmas Carol, visit Father Christmas, or listen to live music while you sip on free eggnog and snack on chestnuts. Skaneateles won’t leave you disappointed.

Kingston and its Magical Christmas Markets

Tucked in the Hudson River Valley, Kingston is a charmer all year around. But with the mix of American and European traditions, it becomes especially beautiful during Christmas.

You don’t have to travel far to visit the iconic German Christmas markets. It can be found in Kingston alongside the Kingston Christmas Market, plus you can see some beautiful Christmas displays, a performance of The Nutcracker, and listen to live concerts.

Rhinebeck – One of the Most Christmassy Towns from the Whole of the U.S.

Set about 20 minutes away from Kingston, Rhinebeck is another destination boasting a stunning Christmas atmosphere. It was actually named one of the most Christmassy towns in the U.S. And we’re not surprised.

You can take part in a centuries-old festival whose roots date back to when the area was first settled by the Dutch. It’s called Sinterklaas and is celebrated on the first Saturday of December. You can look forward to music, food, shopping, and a huge parade through the town. Will you give it a shot?