8 Best Places To Visit In Pennsylvania In The Winter 2023-24

8 Best Places To Visit In Pennsylvania In The Winter 2023-24

The state of Pennsylvania offers a number of beautiful locations to visit year-round. In the winter, when the snow starts to fall, a few of these spots become truly magical.

For those planning a visit to the state in the winter months, these are the must-see cities and attractions that are better under a blanket of snow.

Valley Forge National Historical Park

Something is fitting about visiting Valley Forge in the winter. After all, it was during the winter that the Continental Army forged its character under the leadership of General George Washington, and it’s easier to imagine these scenes during a winter exploration of the historic site.

Guests can picture the desolation and dedication of the troops who wintered here from 1777 to 1778. In addition to the history preserve, there are 3,500 acres of woodlands and meadows that are simply magical when the snow falls.


The town of Bellefonte is a winter wonderland, but its Talleyrand Park is a highlight of a winter visit.

Those who are lucky enough to visit during the holidays can explore the Victorian Christmas Village, but if not, they can still enjoy the beautiful winter scenery. The downtown and its shops and restaurants also make a visit worthwhile.


The town of Gettysburg is famous for Gettysburg National Military Park, and it’s quite tranquil in the winter. Yet here winter visitors can also ski and snow tube at Gettysburg Liberty Mountain Resort.

The downtown has plenty of picturesque scenes that are offset beautifully by snow, and it gives guests the chance to eat at the state’s oldest restaurant.


If a town is named Bethlehem, then it definitely deserves a winter visit. This is considered the Christmas Capital of America, and it truly comes alive during the holidays, but it’s beautiful all winter long. You’ll find skiing, skating, and snowboarding here in addition to the holiday events.

Winter guests can visit Bear Creek Mountain Resort or the Spring Mountain Ski Area for winter sports or the Christkindlmarkt for holiday festivities.

Fallingwater in Stewart Township

Fallingwater is a Frank Llyod Wright designed building in Stewart Township. The architecture of the building and its location above a waterfall make it a stunning place to explore all year long, but a dusting of snow on the pines around the water make it truly breathtaking.

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and daily tours are available.

Laurel Mountain State Park

Tucked away on the Laurel Ridge, Laurel Mountain State Park is a winter lover’s paradise. Guests can ski and snowboard in the mountain ski resort area, or take snow-covered panoramic shots of the countryside from a high peak.

Visitors can even ride the chairlift just to take in the views if they don’t want to ski.

Ohiopyle State Park

Imagine a waterfall, but frozen in time. This is often what guests can see if they hike Ohiopyle State Park in the winter.

Both Cucumber and Ohiopyle Falls, two of the park’s top attractions, are frozen solid in the winter months. Visitors can hike and ski here, and entry is free, which is an additional perk.

Skating Rink in Downtown Pittsburgh

The Ice Rink at PPG Place is a prominent feature in downtown Pittsburgh, offering a unique skating experience in the heart of the city. Since its expansion in 2015, the rink has grown to a size of 116 feet by 116 feet, which is 67% larger than New York City’s famed Rockefeller Center rink and slightly smaller than a standard National Hockey League rink. This expansive size allows for a more spacious and enjoyable skating experience.