10 Incredible Hidden Gems In Puerto Rico To Visit In 2024

8 Incredible Hidden Gems In Puerto Rico To Visit In 2024

Are you thinking about vacationing in Puerto Rico and looking for crowd-free destinations off the beaten path? You came to the right place.

While there are dozens of treasured locations to explore, we hand-picked the best ones so you don’t have to. 

Take the road less traveled and uncover the 10 incredible hidden gems of Puerto Rico.

Cabo Rojo

Set on the island’s southwest tip, Cabo Rojo is a beautiful coastal town preferred by locals who want to spend a fun day at the beach. It encompasses many idyllic beaches, breathtaking cliffs, and paradise-like nature reserves. Thanks to this anybody can find something to do here.

One of the most iconic spots of Cabo Rojo is the Salinas. Often referred to as the “Pink Beach”, the salt flats are a part of the Cabo Rojo Wildlife Refuge and provide habitat to various interesting bird species, including flamingos.

Isla de Cabras

Isla de Cabra is a little islet set at the entrance of the San Juan Bay. Once a leprosy colony. Today it makes the perfect spot for a family day trip thanks to all the recreational activities.

Take a little walk around its shores and enjoy the unique views of Old San Juan, swim, snorkel, fish, or have a picnic. Isla de Cabras also hosts festivals and other cultural events throughout the year.

Bubble-like home in Pounce

Are you looking for a romantic place to stay to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life with your significant other? Nestled in the mountains of Ponce, this accommodation is the best option to do so.

The transparent, bubble-like design blends perfectly with nature and allows you to sleep under the stars. Apart from that, you can look forward to a private swimming pool, open-air kitchen, and unlimited Costa Rican coffee.

El Yunque National Forest

Puerto Rico is also home to some excellent hiking options. And some of the best trails can be found nowhere else than in Yunque National Forest – an enchanted rainforest known for its lush scenery and diverse wildlife

La Mina Trail will take you to La Mina Falls. Not only can you snap a beautiful picture of them but they are also open for a dip. La Coca Trail and Juan Diego Trail also lead to natural pools. At the end of Mt. Britton Trail, you can enjoy stunning views from the top of Mt. Britton or its lookout tower. 

Charco Azul

Speaking of natural swimming pools, Charco Azul is probably the most popular one, yet only a little talked about. Its name – Blue Pond – comes from the deep blue color of the water which is fed by two small streams formed into waterfalls. 

It’s nestled in the middle of Carite Forest and getting there requires a short, easy hike. If you come during the weekday, it’s rarely busy. Summer weekends are a different story, so plan your visit accordingly.

Rock Carvings Puerto Rico

Another amazing historical feature of Puerto Rico that doesn’t get the attention among all the beautiful beaches and resorts are rock carvings on the island.

According to the researchers, prehispanic rock art in Puerto Rico dates back 13th century. There have been thousands of drawings found in the caves around the island.

This particular sculpture in the picture above has a bit different story and it only dates back to 2000. The carving was created to honor warrior Taíno chief Cacique Mabodamaca who fought Spanish colonizers in 1511.


Maunabo is a sleepy little town that will take you back in time and is therefore a fantastic place to disconnect and relax. You can get the vibes already on the way there. As you will be driving through forested mountains, rural roads, and scenic coastline drives.

Maunabo is also a great starting point to visit many area attractions, such as Punta Tuna Wetlands Nature Reserve, Punta Tuna Lighthouse, and a number of unspoiled beaches.

Mar Chiquita

Mar Chiquita, a picturesque coastal inlet located on the northern coast of Puerto Rico, stands as one of the island’s hidden gems. Enclosed by limestone outcroppings, this small cove offers a serene escape from the bustling city life, providing a unique blend of tranquility and natural beauty.

The beach is renowned for its striking turquoise waters, which contrast beautifully against the golden sands and rugged cliffs that frame the bay. This natural pool, formed by the ocean breaking through the rock barrier, creates a tranquil swimming area protected from the Atlantic’s stronger currents, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful day of sunbathing and swimming.

Casamerica Hillside Villa

On the other hand, if you’re traveling with your family or a large group of friends, you might consider staying at Casamerica Hillside Villa in Cayey.

It features three bedrooms, artsy furniture and decorations, a swimming pool, an indoor jacuzzi, and a brunch deck. However, what makes Casamerica truly special are the panoramic mountain and ocean views.

Playa Escondida

Playa Escondida - Puerto Rico

Playa Escondida can’t be missing from this list as its literal translation means “hidden beach”.

It’s located only a few minutes from Fajarado in the eastern part of the island very close to famous Puerto Rico places El Yunque and Punta Santiago. That’s why it probably doesn’t get enough attention. Another reason contributing to its “hidden” status is that due to tides and shallowness, it’s not very swimmable.