Bali Tourism Chief Addresses Concerns Over Hotel Damage Fees Following Viral TikTok Video

Bali Tourism Chief Addresses Concerns Over Hotel Damage Fees Following Viral TikTok Video

Tjok Bagus Pemayun, the leader of Bali’s Tourism Service (Dispar), responded to grievances aired by domestic tourists on a viral TikTok video by bian_alwinanda.

The video, which has garnered over 109,000 views since Friday, highlights what are viewed as excessive charges for damages in a Bali hotel. It lists fees such as 150,000 IDR for damage to TV or AC remotes, and curtains, 200,000 IDR for bringing alcohol, 100,000 IDR for breaking a cup, 1 million IDR for stains or other damages, and 100,000 IDR for smoking.

Pemayun pointed out that the specific hotel wasn’t mentioned and he needs to review the hotel’s policies. He noted that it’s standard for hotels to have a list of charges for damages, advising tourists not to be concerned as long as they follow the rules. He emphasized that such rates are determined by individual hotels and not by the government or the PHRI Bali organization, as the cost of items varies from one hotel to another.

In his statement, Pemayun also mentioned that it’s a common practice in the hospitality industry worldwide, including restaurants and other tourist facilities, to adapt services and charges to the needs and budgets of visitors. He added that hotels should provide smoking and non-smoking room options and that Bali’s PHRI will be consulted for a review of member hotels’ practices.

He further clarified that hotel receptionists typically inform guests about the damage charges upon check-in, and these are checked for compliance at check-out. Pemayun assured that these practices are in place to ensure guest comfort and should not deter tourists from visiting Bali, affectionately known as the Island of the Gods.