Cancun Airport Will Implement Border E-Gate Lanes For 30-Second Screenings

Cancun Airport Will Implement Border E-Gate Lanes For 30-Second Screenings

Cancun Airport is adding E-Gate lanes to make it easier for travelers to enter Mexico.

Visitors will no longer have to go through as many thorough checks as they move through the terminal, which should result in much shorter queues.

E-gates, also known as electronic gates, are self-service border checkpoints available at international border crossings, including airports and train stations, that are expected to replace border agents in the future. 

They can reduce disruptions from arrival bottlenecks if implemented securely.

As Cancun International is currently Mexico’s busiest airport, it stands to reason that Mexico’s National Migration Institute (INM) has selected Cancun International to participate in its new Electronic Gate Program. 

Under this initiative, travelers could soon cross the Mexican border without being questioned by an immigration officer.

Cancun International Airport

Only two airports, the other being Mexico City International, have been determined to be worthy of the experiment, according to Roberto Gonzales Lopez, who is in charge of the INM Office in the state of Quintana Roo, which includes Cancun.

Cancun, however, is the center of attention as it prepares to receive nine million visitors during the busiest months from January to April.

When the rollout is complete, Mr. Lopez said, visitors should be able to enter Mexico “within half a minute on average.” They must have a current biometric passport and take the following steps, in line with other e-gate screening procedures that apply to travelers worldwide:

  • Await their turn to use an automated E-Gate by standing in line
  • Step on the footprints on the floor as you approach the E-Gate.
  • Remove any clothing, eyewear, and face coverings that might interfere with facial recognition.
  • Place the passport on the electronic reader after opening it on the photo page.
  • Some E-Gates additionally require a fingerprint reading.

If the system does not detect any issues, the border gates will open and you will be able to enter Cancun. If they are randomly selected for inspection, the visitor must meet with an immigration official who will decide whether or not they are a genuine tourist.

The total processing time will be about 30 seconds.